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Civic Building Update

It is great to see the new Civic Centre progressing on schedule and on budget.

Over the next month we will notice major changes. Roof panels will be put in place, external wall panels will be put up, windows will be put in and shear walls and external walls will be started on the balance of the building.

The jail, which is one of the Historical Society's exhibits for the new museum, has been put on site and the external walls will be installed around it.

Like a lot of local worksites, the site was recently visited by an OSH inspector. It was pleasing to hear that the only issues raised was that a section of scaffolding was 60mm too far from a wall. This was immediately fixed. Well done to Bruce and his team for running a well managed building site.

It's fair to say that the views from the first and second floor of the building are absolutely stunning. We envisage that the library will become extremely busy with patrons just wanting to hang out and soak up the feel good factor of being in such
a location.