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Connecting and supporting our community through youth coordination, event coordination, our Library, community development, Pensioner Housing, Violence Free coordination, Council front desk team and our Emergency Management Officer. 


Rebuild Navigator

Helping homeowners through the rebuild or repair process.

rebuild navigator presenting issues 29 may 2019Our Rebuild Navigator Steve Vaughan, has been out in the community helping residents move through their repair/rebuild. 

Steve is currently actively managing 41 cases within his role.

The main areas of concern for May continues to be scopes, repairs and insurance. Steve has had some really positive progress with some of the families he is working with.

Re-scope work for a number of cases have shown further earthquake damage to initial scopes and work is now being scheduled to get people back into their homes as soon as possible.

If you would like Steve's help while you go through your repair/rebuild, get in touch by calling him on 027 475 5259 or emailing



In the last month, the Library had 19 new member sign ups and 10 new library items added to the catalogue.  

The Library has been busy this months with visits from St Joseph’s School, games sessions, Stepping Up courses and more!

Did you know that the Library can borrow books from other Libraries’ if they don’t have the title you are looking for? Get in touch with the Library team and they will help track down requests.

Check out the Library’s  latest events here, if you're already a member then check out the online catalogue hereor sign up online to be a member here!


Community Pool

To help current staff manage high workloads while effectively supporting this key project, Council have employed Emma Duncan in a part-time fixed term project coordination and support role. Emma has recently project managed the Waiau Community Pool build and has the strategic and detailed expertise needed to assist the Trust in submitting a successful application to DIA by October 2019.

See the full pool update here.


Violence Free Network

Kaikōura's Violence Free coordinator is working with the community to create a safe and peaceful place to live and work. 

Stopping Violence Services now has both a male and female facilitator in Kaikōura. Victor is in town once a fortnight, working with males and court related programmes, as well as the High School. Angela is now available to work with women and children affected by domestic violence. Women’s Refuge have resumed their fortnightly visits.


Financial Statement 2018/2019

Social Recovery and Community Services and Development

All activities at the month ending April, financial year 2018/2019



Over (+)/under (-) budget

Year to date budget

Full year budget

Operating Revenue



$105,000 over



Operating Expenditure


$74,000 under



Employee Related Costs


$30,000 under



Capital Expenditure



$6,000 under



Operating (Surplus)/Deficit


$179,000 under



Accumulated (Surplus)/Deficit


($186,000) variance

$630,000 (estimated outcome)


Past updates

29 May 2019