Community Facilities Update - Repair, Rebuild, Improve

Memorial Hall 630

DRAFT Annual Plan 2019/2020

Essential projects for 2019/2020 will be the Memorial Hall, Scout Hall and Cuddon Building as well as ongoing toilet improvements and essential 'make safe' work in a number of spots. Between them, these areas cover youth, community, charity and basic needs. 

Next on the list are our parks and reserves, outdoor tennis courts and old Council building. Between them, these next three facilities extend our communities' access to sport and recreation and could provide a space for community focused work. 

There’s also several things we want to look at in future years such as improving the skate park and creating a dog park. While Council would like to investigate these ideas, we won’t have the time, people or budget to take the lead until after 2021. In the meantime, community members are welcome to
talk to us about how to get ideas like these started.

Keep reading to find out our plan for community facilities over the next year.

Check out the full consultation document, and make a submission to the Draft Annual Plan 2019/2020 here. 

Council looks after a number of buildings/facilities that were damaged in the 2016 earthquake. Work is ongoing with the community to ensure that these facilities are weather tight and safe to use. This page contains the latest available information about the repair/rebuild of Council managed community facilities. 


Memorial Hall

Our plan: The Memorial Hall will be repaired, upgraded to meet requirements and improved to allow use by a wider variety of groups. The main hall will be made stronger and connections between the ends improved. Accessibility will be improved for wheelchair users and others, electrical and fire warning systems will be updated and better stage lighting in planned. Linings will be replaced to give better acoustics and allow for more variety of uses. 

Cost to fix: $750,000 in 2019/2020, $1.1M in total

Timeline: Hall closed in May-October 2019. Supper Room closed May-July 2019

Read more about the funding here.


Parks and Reserves

Our plan: Better maintain existing parks and reserves. Reserves management plans drafted, consulted on and finalised. 

Cost to fix: $25,000 

Timeline: Significant process by June 2020



Our plan: Finish the West End upgrade and minor fixes elsewhere

Cost to fix: $20,000

Timeline: Completed by late 2019


Harbour, wharves and jetties

Our plan: Lease Council land and buildings at Wakatu Quay, $270,000 of potential loan funding has been allowed for incase buildings need to be demolished to assist with lease. Carry out 'make safe' works on other wharf and jetty structures

Cost to fix: $100,000

Timeline: Urgent work in 2019/2020, less urgent in 2020/2021


Takahanga Domain courts

Our plan: Raise the two lower courts to the same level as the two upper courts and investigate conversion to a multi-use court/area. The area is culturally significant and Council will continue to work with the Rūnanga to develop a way forward. External funding, fundraising and/or in-kind work from the community will be central to any work

Cost to fix: Unknown (estimate $100,000) - will depend on final design

Timeline: Unknown - will depend on final design


Walkways and cycleways

Our plan: Maintain existing tracks. Investigate options around a cycleway from West End to Point Kean

Cost to fix: $40,000 (Reserves Development Fund)

Timeline: By June 2020 


Cuddon (Op Shop) Building

Our plan: Strengthening and refurbishing work to make the building safer and give the Op Shop more space. 

Cost to fix: Approx. $400,000

Timeline: May-October 2019


Old Council Building

Our plan: Investigate potential use by community groups and social agencies

Cost to fix: Unknown - will depend on what physical work is needed to make the building safe and appropriate to use

Timeline: Unknown 


Scout Hall

Our plan: Council will fund work to make the southern half of this building safe to use. Council will work with hall users to seek external funding to repair floor damage, make the building weatherproof, and allow use of the northern half.

Cost to fix: $20,000 (Earthquake Recovery Fund)

Timeline: 'make safe' work by June 2019


Kaikōura Airport

Our plan: Further safety and operational upgrades including runways and aprons. This will be loan funded and charged back to users. 

Cost to fix: $150,000

Timeline: Underway, completed by June 2019


Community Pool

Council is partnering with the community to work towards a new indoor pool. Council will donate the land, $1 million in capital funding and contribute up to $250, 000 per year to the operating costs. 

A community Charitable Trust is being formed to lead this project and the fundraising. 

Read the latest pool update here. 

Check out the Community Pool Facebook page for fundraising events and activities here.


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