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Last Fridays terrorist attack in Christchurch affected many of us and our families and communities. To encounter such violence and hatred so close to home is a difficult and confronting thing.  For many, it will have been a reminder of what really matters – family, friends and the freedom everyone should have to be safe as we go about our daily lives.  Many of our community have links to Christchurch and I’m sure those affected by this tragedy have not been far from anyone’s thoughts over the last few days. I hope everyone in our community has been able to reach out to those they care about and check-in, support and care for each other. 

Closer to home the boil water notice remains in place for the Kaikōura Urban scheme but good progress is being made towards getting it lifted. Thank you to the community for your patience and to the team at Innovative Waste and Council who have been working long hours to trace the issues and design solutions.  Although a boil water notice is inconvenient, protecting our residents and visitors from health risks must come first and it is important to take the time to put in place a solution that will last. Anyone who has any health concerns should call the health centre on 03-319 3500. Anyone with other concerns or questions should contact Council.   

There have been a number of incidents of illegal rubbish dumping over the last few weeks. While this is not a new problem for Kaikōura it does seem to be getting worse. As with many of NZ's smaller and more rural communities, waste disposal can seem expensive and dumping it can seem like a quick, and victimless way to get rid of rubbish without paying.  But as the saying goes, there is no such thing as a free lunch. Dumping rubbish isn't victimless and our community does still pay. 

When the handful of 'dodgy dumpers' who live here try to cut corners by leaving rubbish, anyone who pays rates in our district ends up footing the bill. Money aside, dumping rubbish pollutes our environment and spoils the beauty of our home.  Similarly, those who dump household or commercial waste into the town bins are just passing the cost onto everybody else. Around half a tonne of waste comes out of the town bins every day - including large amounts of rubbish from local homes and businesses. 

Some blame recent changes at Innovative Waste Kaikōura being 'too expensive', 'too difficult' or 'not open at the right times'. While there's always room for improvement, Kaikōura is actually cheaper than most of the surrounding districts, has a friendly team and is open 6 days a week for most weeks of the year.  Our annual rates charges, green waste, whiteware and cleanfill charges are all cheaper than any of our neighbours (see the table below for some comparisons – it may surprise you).

Council is already working with IWK to plan improvements for the future. In the next year a new waste management and minimisation strategy will be developed covering waste collection, recycling and disposal and how these services are delivered and pad for. 

If illegal dumping continues to grow as a problem, Council may also look setting up at additional enforcement and regulatory options such as signs or CCTV in key areas.  In the meantime, we’re asking for the public’s help to stop dodgy dumping.


  Kaikoura Marlborough Waimakariri Hurunui
Targeted Refuse/recycling rates – charged in your rates

$104 for kerbside recycling collection where available

$41 for rural recycling collection points 

$115 $103 $270 for kerbside collection (refuse and recycling)
Rubbish bags each $4.50-$8.00 

"Free” if in official bag (included in rates) (otherwise $1.40 each)

Other bags $2.30-$3.10 

Free if in ‘official’ WDC bag (bags cost $3) Free if in ‘official’ HDC bag (bags cost $2.60)
Cleanfill per tonne $80 $52.30 $92 $87
Greenwaste per tonne (assumes .2 of a tonne per cubic metre) $80 $90-$231  $152.00 $122
Wood waste per tonne $160 (this is wood that can’t be repurposed) $133.30 $259.40 $242.00
Tyres each  $4-8.50 car tyres, 4x4 and light truck $5.50-$82 $5 -$75 $7-$70
Whiteware  $3 for all whiteware except fridges & freezers which are $15 $5-$15 $3-$25 $7.50
TVs $45 $15 $17 -$32 $13
Landfill per tonne  $350 $133.30 $259.40 $242


Have a great week.


Ngā mihi,


Monday 18 March


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