Have your say on the sale and supply of alcohol within Kaikōura

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Council is proposing the introduction of a local alcohol policy (LAP) to make Kaikōura a safe place to live and visit, to minimise alcohol related harm within the District and to ensure the safe and responsible sale and supply of alcohol in Kaikōura.

The objectives of the proposed LAP are to:

  • Regulate the operating hours of all on, club and off-licences within Kaikōura District for the benefit of the Kaikōura community.
  • Ensure licensed premises take appropriate measure to minimise alcohol harm.
  • Provide clear guidance to the District Licensing Committee.
  • Have the ability to ensure that the robustness of the policy assist in managing licensed premises at local level, whilst achieving the object of the Act.


Read the provisional Local Alcohol Policy here.


Learn more and have your say here.


Council has engaged with Police and CDHB and as a direct result drafted the proposed LAP which is now out for consultation.

Consultation process.

  1. Consultation on the provisional policy (from 4 September 2019 and ends 5pm 4 October 2019)
  2. Submission discussion with Council staff and the Tri-Agency (17 October 2019)
  3. Council confirm provisional policy (December 2019)
  4. Public notice of provisional policy will be published in the Kaikōura Star after being presented to Council in December 2019*.


The consultation closes 5pm 4 October 2019

Submission discussion with Council staff and the tri-agencies 10 October 2019.


* Only a person who made a submission on the draft LAP can appeal any element of the provisional policy. The appeal must be filed with the Alcohol Regulatory and Licensing Authority within 30 days of the public notification of the provisional policy. The only ground for appealing an element of the provisional LAP is that it’s unreasonable in light of the object of the Act. The Act’s object is that:

  • The sale, supply and consumption of the alcohol should be undertaken safely and responsibly,
  • and the harm caused by the excessive or inappropriate consumption of alcohol should be minimised.
  • The provisional LAP can’t come into effect until all appeals are resolved. 


4 September 2019