Let's talk rubbish & recycling

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Every week, Innovative Waste Kaikōura collects tonnes of 'recycling' for free that is actually rubbish (things that cannot be recycled in Kaikōura and have to go into the landfill). This costs our community thousands of dollars a year, and gives people a the wrong idea about how sustainable and environmentally friendly their habits are.

Top tips: 

  • Can be recycled in Kaikōura - treat as recycling!
    • Clean tins,  Clean cardboard,  Clean glass, Clean aluminium cans,  Clean milk bottles,  Clean clear drink bottles
  • Cannot be recycled in Kaikōura- treat as rubbish!
    • Paper, ALL PLASTICS (except clear drink bottles and milk bottles)
  • Help keep our diversion rate among the highest in NZ - reduce your use of plastics as much as possible.
  • Innovative Waste also take food scraps. At the kerbside these must be in a clean container with a lid, they can also be dropped off at the Innovative Waste yard.  

The review

A review of rubbish and recycling services in Kaikōura is currently underway. The aim is to make sure that rubbish and recycling services are designed, delivered and paid for in a way that helps build the kind of community and future residents and ratepayers want.

The review involves three key workstreams:

1. Developing a new Waste Assesment and Waste management and minimisation strategy and action plan (WMMP)

2. Carrying out a section 17A review of waste services.

3. Developing a plan for the closure of the landfill and conversion to a transfer station.

Below is a short update on each workstream. 

Developing a new WMMP

In the 1990’s Kaikōura set a goal of becoming a ‘Zero waste’ community. Twenty years later, changes to international, national and local behaviours, regulations and laws mean it’s time to refresh thinking about waste in Kaikōura.   China is no longer taking soft plastics, national and international markets for recycling are volatile and uncertain. Our community is producing more waste than ever, our visitor numbers are increasing and some sections of our community no longer seem to value or demonstrate waste-minimisation behaviours.

The new WMMP will build on the history of waste in Kaikōura, look at current activities and costs and plan for likely future needs.

Council are working with Tonkin and Taylor (T&T). A Waste Assessment has been prepared. A draft WMMP is due to be presented to Council in early 2020 and will go out for community consultation as part of the annual plan 2020/2021. 

Read more about Waste Assessments and WMMP

A section 17A review of waste services.

A WMMP largely defines what services are to be provided, and a s17A report identifies how those services are to be provided. For now the s17a review is on hold while the necessary information is pulled together. 

Read more about S17a Reviews

Developing a plan for the closure of the landfill and conversion to a transfer station.

With a diversion rate of around 50% Innovative Waste Kaikōura remains one of the highest performing resource recovery centres in NZ. However, the landfill is filling up and has approximately 18 months of operational life left before space runs out.

When space runs out, rubbish that cannot be recycled will have to be sent out of district and the cost of disposing of waste is likely to rise significantly. 

Planning for converting the landfill to a transfer station is underway. A draft concept design is expected in early 2019. 

In the meantime, work is underway to confirm the remaining life of the landfill. This includes testing current compaction rates and reviewing plans for the shape and height of the final closed landfill.   

How IWK and Kaikōura District Council work together

Council contracts IWK to deliver services including managing the District’s recycling and rubbish, maintaining public toilets and looking after some of our water infrastructure and services. IWK also provides waste management services to other private business.

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