Swimming Pool Project

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The Kaikoura Community Charitable Trust is leading a project to build a new indoor community pool on the Scarborough Street recreation reserve over the next 4 years. Council is supporting the Trust by donating the land, $1 million in capital funding and contributing up to $250k per year to the operating costs.

Stage one: build an outdoor pool similar to the existing pool but to modern standards.

Stage two: add a building and heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system to convert the pool into an indoor pool.

Fundraising progress

By late June 2019, approximately $350,000 has been secured for the pool in addition to the $1,000,000 Council will contribute.

The community pool  fundraising campaign was launched in June with a highly successful ‘Polar Plunge’ event. Over 200 people braved the icy ocean and raised around $3000.   Community support for the project was evident in the attendance on the day and morale was at an all-time high.

“We’re pleased to say that after just the 2 events, we’ve raised over $5000. We do need help with volunteers for September, anyone willing to help should  get in touch through our Kaikōura Community Pool Facebook page"

"You can also contribute at any time to the Give a little page or show your support at any of the upcoming fundraising events” said Trustee and Fundraising Team lead Toni Batey. 

To keep the project on track for a new indoor pool by 2023 our community still needs to raise a significant amount by June 2020. If the money takes longer to raise, the project will be delayed. 


The preferred location for the new pool is the Scarborough St (South) recreation reserve located behind Innovative Waste. The site allows for plenty of room for parking and  new projects such as sports or cultural spaces to be added in the future.   

Choosing the site was a long process and the Trust and Council considered many options and ideas. The community had a chance to have their say as part of the Annual Plan consultation process. 22 submissions mentioned the pool and there was a clear preference for the Scarborough St (South) site.

The Trust confirmed their preference for Scarborough street (South) in early June. The Council confirmed their approval of the site as part of the adoption of the 2018/19 annual plan.

See a map of the site

Next steps

Work is now underway to get technical assessments of the reserve and choose an exact location within the Scarborough Street (South) recreation reserve. This will be followed by developing  high level designs and more accurate costs. An update is expected by early August.

The next major milestone is an application to the Lotteries Earthquake that hopes to secure at least $900,000 towards stage one of the  new pool. The application should be submitted in August.

The project team

The Kaikoura Community Charitable Trust has been established. Trustees are; Mayor Winston Gray, Mark Fissenden, John Diver, John Wyatt, Toni Batey, Rosie Clemett and Craig Mackle. 

The Trust is now applying for incorporation as a charitable trust board to help ensure it is able to fundraise effectively.

Read the Trust Deed here  

Council and the Trust have worked together to develop an agreement outlining how they will work together. This Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) will help Council and the Trust work successfully together.

Read the MOU here

The project is being coordinated by Emma Duncan who can be contacted on Pool@kaikoura.govt.nz 

Want to get in touch?

Contact the Pool Project Coordinator by emailing Pool@kaikoura.govt.nz.

Contact Trustee and Councillor Craig Mackle.  

Want to get involved?

Check out the Kaikōura Community Pool Facebook page to stay up to date with all the fundraising events and activities, and to find out how you can get involved.  

Want to find out more?

Head to the Swimming Pool Rebuild page to find out more and see the background documents for this project.

28 June 2019