Landowners can now receive funding to help restore biodiversity in our district

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Landowners can now apply for funding to help to create large areas of native habitat on their land thanks to the Kererū to Kaikōura Native Planting Project.

Kaikōura is home to many special plants, birds and landscapes. This unique biodiversity helps keep our air clear, our water clean, and provide food, education, medicine and recreation for our local residents and visitors.

The Kererū to Kaikōura project aims to create stepping stones for native birds from the mountains to the sea, creating a native habitat pathway to bring birds and other wildlife to Kaikōura. Landowners can now apply for funding to plant native plants in areas of 1000m2 or more in areas where there is little native cover left.


Applications are open now – get in touch for more information or to apply for funding.   

Download an application form.

Download the funding guidelines.

Contact Kate Hunt at Kaikōura District Council on (03) 319 5026 extension 211 or for more information.

Council is proud to be working with our community to protect our wildlife and land and make sure our district’s environment has a sustainable future.


What will Council fund?

Council will contribute $1 per plant up to a maximum of $1000 in total per project.

Your planting project must:

  • Be a minimum of 1000 square metres in one space
  • Be a minimum of 5 metres in width (3 plants wide)
  • Be a minimum of 500 plants
  • Consist of suitable locally sourced native plants
  • Spacing of (generally) 1.5 metres between plants.

Larger projects can be staged and receive multiple funding contribution. Landowners are responsible for ongoing maintenance and management of the planting, with assistance from Council if needed.

Your planting project will not be funded if exotic plants or native species not naturally found in the Kaikōura Region are used, or if the project is being undertaken as a condition of resource consent.


Find out how to apply for funding and what native plant species you can use for your project here.



The Kaikōura Flats have less than 20% of native cover left, making it a high priority restoration area for the Ministry for the Environment.

This project helps support Council’s Significant Natural Areas (SNA) Project as part of the Resource Management Act. Under Section 6(c) of the Resource Management Act 1991, Council has a responsibility to recognise and provide for the protection of “significant indigenous vegetation and significant habitats of indigenous fauna” as a matter of national importance.


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09 January 2019