Council & Committee meetings

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Dates and times for February Council and committee meetings.


February 26th 9am-approx 9.30am and again from approximately 11am  Council Chambers  (Totara Room)

Agenda not yet available.  

Works and Services Committee

February 26th 9.30am- approximately 10am Council Chambers (Totara Room)

Agenda not yet available.  

Finance, Audit and Risk Committee

February 25th 1pm Council Chambers (Totara Room)

Agenda not yet available.  

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Have something to say?

The public are welcome to come to Council meetings. Any member of the community can arrange to have a short speaking slot. If you wish to speak, please email us so we can make sure you have all the information you need.

Speaking at Council's Public Forum - what you need to know

Connecting with Council

Find out which Councillors are on which committees and how to get in touch with them.