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A review of the natural hazards chapter of the district plan is underway. The final rules and information will be included in the District Plan and used by the Council when processing resource and building consents, be on Council's website, Land Information Memoranda and property files. 

Is your house, land or business affected by natural hazards? Check out our interactive maps to find out.

Let us know what natural hazards you are most concerned about and/or have been affected by. Fill out our online survey or download the survey and email it to us or return to reception. 


The District Plan is Council’s planning rulebook for building and development in the District. Council has new science on flooding, liquefaction, landslides and active faults. This will help us draft new rules within the Natural Hazards chapter of the District Plan. Through the District Plan we can:

  • decide where and how future development is allowed,
  • outline how our community plans for natural hazards like floods and earthquakes,
  • develop the kind of community we want to leave our children.

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13 December 2019