Rebuild Update

clarence valley road

Council’s horizontal infrastructure rebuild covers our roads, bridges, and water and sewer networks. The target date for the completion of the rebuild is June 2020.

The Council-owned community facilities rebuild is separate and covers our buildings and structures (e.g. Memorial Hall, Scout hall, tennis courts, toilets and Skatepark) – read about them here.

Read more about the overall Rebuild programme (including individual projects) here.


April 2019 update


Key projects:

Lyell Creek Sewer

Current: Council appointed Fulton Hogan as the construction contractor in March.

Update: Construction works will commence in May, initially in the section of Beach Road between Hawthorne Road and Gillings Lane. The section between Gillings Lane and Mill Road will follow around July. Trenching and pipe laying will largely be confined to the parking lane on the inland side of Beach Road.  Traffic and pedestrian safety will be a very important part of the construction process. The public is asked to fully comply with all temporary traffic management so that we can have a safe project for everyone who is involved. Your patience and understanding is requested throughout out the construction process. 

Cost: $7.1 million is the total estimated cost of this major project. 78% of this cost is provided by government funding with Council funding 22% through its insurance and rates.

Start: Fulton Hogan Ltd will start on site in mid-April 2019.

Likely Completion: Final commissioning is expected in April/May 2020


Clarence Valley access


Following the collapse of the 130m long Glen Alton Bridge across the Clarence River in the Nov 2016 earthquake, work is progressing to complete the required Indicative Business Case assessment of all infrastructure and non-infrastructure options during April 2019. Council’s Rebuild Steering Group and the Council’s government funding partner the NZ Transport Agency will then consider the Business Case. The Indicative Business Case can then be presented to the Clarence Valley community.

Update: The draft Indicative Business Case on all options will be considered by Council and NZTA for initial review in April/May 2019. Council’s roading contractor Downer will maintain the Clarence Valley temporary four-wheel-drive southern access route in the interim.

Read more here.


Five Bridges 

Current: Council has awarded a design and build construction contract to Concrete Structures Ltd (CSL) for the replacement of five single span bridges - Evans Bridge Mt Fyffe Road, Hawthorne, Rorrisons, Scotts Road, and Gillings Lane.  To ensure safety and provide for future growth, Hawthorne, Rorrisons and Evans Bridge will be replaced with two lane bridges (not the original one lane). A pedestrian footpath will also be part of the new Hawthorne and Rorrisons bridges. 

Update: Alternative bridge design work has been validated the construction phase can now progress.

Start: The construction of the replacement for Hawthorne Road Bridge is expected to start in May/June, the first of five to get underway.

Cost: $4.4 million is the total estimated cost of the project.  Thanks to 90% funding from the NZ Transport Agency, Council’s share of the cost is just 10%. 

Likely Completion: March 2020 for all five bridges.


Aeration Lagoon, Wastewater Treatment Plant

Current: Tenders for construction work closed in December 2018. Council has identified Isaac Construction Ltd as a preferred contractor. All evaluation and tender negotiations are complete and Council will award the construction contract in April.

Cost: $3.5 million is the total estimated cost of this major project. 73% of the cost is provided by government funding, with Council funding 27% through its insurance and rates.

Start: Isaac Construction Ltd is expected to start on site at the Wastewater Treatment Plant on Old Beach Road in late May 2019.

Likely Completion: May 2020


Wastewater Structures

Totara Lane Pump Station

Current: Construction is underway by contractor Fulton Hogan. 

Costs: $343,000 is the total estimated cost of this project. 75% of this cost is provided by government funding with Council funding 25% through its insurance and rates.

Likely Completion: May 2019 is the scheduled completion date


Water Structures

Peninsula Reservoir

Current: Water pipework repairs to the concrete Peninsula Reservoir have been completed by IWK. Repairs and lining of the old concrete reservoir have been designed and priced, and are now scheduled to proceed.

Update: Repair works will be awarded to a specialist supplier in April.

Start: Repair works are expected to start in May/June.

Cost: $247,000 is the total estimated cost of the project. 60% of the cost is provided by government funding, with Council funding 40% through its insurance.

Likely Completion: July 2019


Fords Reservoir

Current: Council has appointed Isaac Construction Ltd as the contractor for the supply and installation of a new reservoir tank beside the existing green steel tank; and the demolition and disposal of the concrete reservoirs damaged in the Nov 2016 earthquake.

Cost: $1.23 million is the total estimated cost of this major project. 93% of the cost is provided by government funding, with Council funding 7% through its insurance.

Start: Isaac Construction Ltd will start on site in late April 2019.

Likely Completion: February 2020


Mackles Bore

No update.



Current: Various repairs (sealed roads, unsealed roads, road drainage, Kerb and Channels) to Earthquake damage on many of our 205 km of local roads.

Update: Council’s road maintenance contractor Downer is now working through the remaining scheduled repairs.

Cost: $8.6 million is the total estimated cost of the project. Thanks to 95% funding from the NZ Transport Agency, Council’s share of the cost is just 5%.

Update: $1.6 million is is the total estimated left to deliver, which represents the remaining 21% of the full programme.

Likely Completion: July 2019



Council have identified a wide range of Earthquake and maintenance related faults across the footpath network totaling to a programme of works of nearly 900 liner meters of footpaths repairs. Council is aware of the frustration caused by the delay in getting on with those works. Being mindful of the UFB2 (Chorus ultra-fast broadband fiber rollout) taking place this year in the majority of our township footpaths, Council has made the decision to wait for Chorus works to proceed. Council is engaged with Chorus concerning efficient (do it once) footpath reinstatement. This should give Council a more cost effective solution to footpath repairs and reinstatement. However, if you are concerned about the safety of any specific footpath, then please contact Council so we can arrange any urgent safety repairs.


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