Rebuild Update

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The COVID-19 lock down has meant squeezing together multiple roading and bridge projects into a shorter period of time in order to stay within NZTA funding deadlines. This allows us to keep a 95% government contribution towards our renewal works but comes with a frustrating combination of road closures.

The weather has also caused unhelpful delays, but our contractors are pushing on and we’re excited to be getting this work completed. We’re sure you’re just as keen to see the end of Earthquake Rebuild works in the district. Below is an update on Kaikōura District Council Earthquake road works in the area (weather allowing).

Middle Creek Bridge on Old Beach Road will be closed for repairs from 6 July for approximately 5 weeks to resolve additional damage revealed during earthquake repair works earlier this year. The bridge was reopened while time was spent to better understand the issue and develop a repair methodology.

Health and Safety has been a high priority for Council throughout the Rebuild programme; the safety of our contractors and our community. While we can do all we can to keep the site safe, we ask for cooperation from the public to respect this. This includes respecting barriers and signage; not crossing behind barriers or not pulling down or removing signage. Such actions put the safety of others at risk and cannot be tolerated. Therefore, we will be monitoring and enforcing safe practices around the site. Any persons found to be interfering with safety protocols will be prosecuted. If you see anyone removing or vandalising signage or construction sites, or note unsafe practices, please inform the Rebuild Team on 03 319 5026, or

Council have awarded a contract to Isaac Construction in consortium with Utilities Infrastructure NZ Ltd (UINZ) to carry out 3 Waters Reticulation and manhole repairs with a scheduled start of the first week of July running through to the end of October. If and when works are carried out in your area, you should receive a notification 48 hours before. Likewise if services (water, power) are to be temporarily shut to carry out works you should receive a notification 48 hours before.

The 2016 Kaikoura earthquake caused damage to Kaikoura District Council’s 3-waters infrastructure (wastewater, stormwater, water supply). Sections of pipework along the network will be replaced or repaired as appropriate. These works are not concentrated in any one particular area but will be scattered throughout, mostly closer to town. It is intended traffic management will be kept to a minimum to mitigate frustration. Safe isolated work areas will be created to keep the contractors and the public safe and we ask that people do not interfere with the fencing or signage to maintain everyone’s safety. Should you have any queries regarding these works, please feel free to contact the Rebuild Team on 03 319 5026, or


29 June 2020