Community Satisfaction and Well-being Survey 2019/2020

overall satisfaction snip

Results from the annual satisfaction and wellbeing survey showed  improvements to satisfaction with all but five of Councils services and assets, and an overall increase in satisfaction of 5%.

Residents and property owners were generally satisfied with life in their district: feeling safe, having their essential needs met, and engaging with their local environment.

Since 2017, the survey has shown increasing positivity about the post-earthquake infrastructure re-build programme and insurance claim resolution.

Key results include:

  • Overall satisfaction with Council rose 5% to 53% (The benchmark for New Zealand councils is 48%.)
  • Most services showed similar or improved satisfaction - Building inspections showed the greatest improvement with a rise of 12%, Satisfaction with the rebuild increased 9%
  • Overall, Council facilities achieved a 57% satisfaction rating while council services achieved a 50% satisfaction rating.
  • In the wellbeing space, 91% of community members agreed their house is suitable for their needs in terms of quality, size and comfort, and 85% of members agreed it is easily accessible to schools, health and other services. 75% agreed their neighbourhood has everything they need. 60% of community members agreed their quality of life had improved to some extent in the last three years.

The reports shows satisfaction levels over time, especially the impact of the earthquake and the improvements since 2017.

The survey is carried out every year to check how our community feels about Council work and services. The survey helps Council understand where the community would like to see improvements and changes, where things are going well and what support the community needs.

Copies of the survey were delivered to every property and every ratepayer. All responses are confidential.

The results help measure community well-being, satisfaction levels with Council performance and services and the progress of post-earthquake redevelopment and rebuild.