Local Elections 2016


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Daily Returns for the 2016 Local Elections



Voting papers will be sent out starting on 16 September 2016. Fill them out and send them back as soon as you receive them. All votes must be received by noon on 8 October 2016.

Who gets to Vote in the Local Elections?

All parliamentary electors enrolled on published rolls at addresses within the Kaikōura district will automatically be sent voting papers for the 2016 local body elections. These electors are known as residential electors. Parliamentary enrolment forms are available from any PostShop or on-line at www.elections.org.nz

Any parliamentary electors enrolled at addresses within the Kaikōura district who have opted to be listed on the unpublished electoral roll will not be sent voting papers. They will instead be sent letters by Enrolment Services advising them that the election has started and that they will need to apply for a special vote if they wish to vote.

An option is also available to any ratepayers of the Kaikōura District Council who live outside the district to enrol as ratepayer electors. Anyone enrolled on the ratepayer roll by 12 August 2016 will automatically be sent voting papers in September.

Special Voting

How do I cast a special vote?

Special votes are available during the three-week voting period where electors:

  • names do not appear on the final electoral roll, but who qualify
  • did not receive a voting document
  • spoil or damage a voting document previously posted to them
  • names appear on the unpublished electoral roll


Special votes will be available from the Kaikōura District Council office from Friday 16 September 2016 until 12 noon on Saturday 8 October 2016. Special voters are required to complete a declaration stating they have not already voted and declare a reason for requesting the special vote.


Enrol to vote

You need to be enrolled to vote. You can enrol or check your enrolment details

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Final Nominations for Kaikōura District Council 2016 Triennial Elections


Mayoralty (1 Vacancy)   

Gray, Winston

Howard, Ted

Morgan, Darlene

Pablecheque, Neil


Council at Large (7 Vacancies)

Blunt, Tony

Bond, Lisa

Diver, John Gregory

Harnett, Celeste

Howden, Julie

Mackle, Craig

Millton, Derrick

Pablecheque, Neil


Candidate Profile Booklet


View the Pre-Election Report


Electoral Staff - Kaikōura District Council – (KDC)

Electoral Officer (EO)

Anthony Morton, electionz.com Ltd , PO Box 3138,


Phone: 0800 666 926

Fax: 03 377 1474

Email: kaikouradc@electionz.com

Deputy Electoral Officer (DEO)

Suzanne Syme, Kaikōura District Council, PO Box 6,

34 Esplanade, Kaikōura

Phone: 03 319 5026 - ext 204

Email: suzanne.syme@kaikoura.govt.nz


Key dates for local authority elections 2016.....

27 June 2016 -  Electoral Commission enrolment campaign starts.

15 July 2016 -  Nominations open for candidates. Nominations have to be sent to the Electoral Officer for the Council, District Health Board or Licensing Trust. Rolls open for inspection at Council offices and other sites locally.

12 August 2016 - Nominations close at 12 noon. Rolls close. After this date, anyone who is entitled to vote and who is not enrolled as an elector, or whose details are incorrectly recorded on the roll, will have to cast a ‘special vote’.

17 August 2016 - Election date and candidates’ names publicised by electoral officers.

16-21 September 2016 - Voting documents delivered to households. Electors can post the documents back to Electoral Officers as soon as they have voted.

8 October 2016 - Polling day. The voting documents must be at the Council before voting closes at 12 noon. Preliminary results (i.e. once all ‘ordinary’ votes are counted) will be available as soon as possible afterwards.

13-19 October 2016 (or as soon as practicable) - Official results (including all valid ordinary and special votes) declared.


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