News and Media

We keep our community up to date through regular newsletters, media releases and content in local newspapers.

On this page you can sign up for future newsletters, check out past editions and send us stories that you think could be included in future editions. 


Media releases

Occasionally the Council will release information through a media release which is sent to key media and community contacts. This information is an official release from the Council which can be reproduced by media and journalists.


Hardcopy newsletter - 'Community Update'

What:  A monthly A4 newsletter created in collaboration with NCTIR and a number of local community groups such as the Youth Council.

Features short stories and updates on key people, events and issues.

Shares key information only.

Themed around the groups within our community (youth or elderly) or subjects/events/activities that mean something to our District (the environment, sustainability).

When:  Delivered mid-month. Began in March 2018

Who:  Goes to: over 1600 residences.

Stories from:  Council, community groups and leaders.

Email newsletter - 'Council and Community'

What:  Stories and information from the community and from council. Includes anything the community might want or need to know from anyone who wants to submit a story; events, local projects, stories about life in our District or offers and requests for help.

When:  Sent mid-month. Began in July 2017

Who:  Goes to over 2,000 subscribers

Stories from:  Residents, businesses, Council, community groups and leaders

Email newsletter - 'Building and Regulatory'

Details to come.


The Council regularly has submits content to the Kaikōura Star.

Other newspapers that regularly include content from Kaikōura District:

Send us a story

We're happy to share news and information from anyone within our district.


  • keep it short – a max of 150 words if possible
  • include a photo/image
  • include links to more information if you have them – i.e. link it back to your own websites or social media accounts where possible.

Email us your story

By sending in content, you agree that:

  • Content may be featured on KDC social media/media accounts (as well as newsletters)
  • You give permission for us to use all images sent in
  • KDC can edit your content to fit design guidelines (especially for hardcopy due to space)
  • Commercial advertising will not be included however promotion of community, charity or not-for-profit activities or groups in encouraged