Our Team

Council's structure

Council currently has approximately 44 full time equivalent staff (FTEs), filling 53 different roles. 

Of these, 13 roles (just over 9 FTE's) are funded through grants or external funders like NZTA. 

Our staff are made up of locals and imports and people from all sorts of backgrounds, working together to help our little District grow. 

Our longest serving staff member has been here for more than 25 years, our newest started in June 2018.

We may be little, but we've got a can-do attitude and we do our best to help residents and visitors. We look forward to working with you!

Download a diagram showing how everyone fits together 

CEO and Support

The CEO, Executive Officer and Communications and Engagement Officer. Together, they connect a lot of the nuts and bolts of what goes on at Council.

Community Services and Recovery

Connecting and supporting our community through our social recovery team, youth coordination, event coordination, our Library, Council front desk team and our Emergency Management Officer.

Asset Management

The team responsible for the maintenance and management of Council owned assets including roads, streetlights, footpaths, three waters, parks and recreation, airport and the harbour.

Building and Regulatory

Helping our community run smoothly through animal control, liquor licencing, environmental health and all things building including consents, planning and inspections.

Finance and Commercial

The team managing Council's financial performance and business processes including Economic Recovery, contracts, rates and revenues, claims, accounts payable and receivable

Strategy Policy and Planning

It's all about having a plan, these guys cover resource consents, the District and Long Term Plans and look after all the rules and regulations governing what people can and can't build and do in our District.

Rebuild Programme

The people coordinating the work to restore Council owned infrastructure and community facilities.

We have a small rebuild team consisting of the rebuild director, project manager and contract administrator. All contracts for these roles are fixed term until 2020. The Rebuild Director role is currently being filled by interim cover provided by the professional services consultants’ panel while someone with the right skill set is recruited for the next phase of the programme.


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