Kaikōura Airport

Situated at Peketa, approximately 8km south of Kaikōura township, the airport is a simple but modern facility.

Landing Fees

Fee/Charge Price per landing (inc GST)
Up to 800kg gross take-off weight $7.00
800-1500kg $10.00
1500-2000kg $14.00
2000-3000kg $20.00
3000-4000kg $30.00
4000-5000kg $40.00
Aerial spray contractors $7.00 per tonne

Airport users:

Air Kaikōura is the longest running whale flight operator in Kaikōura. They offer whale experiences, scenic flights and charter flights. They also offerpilot-a-plane, where you can learn the basics of flying while enjoying stunning views of the spectacular Kaikōura mountain range and coastline from the air. 

Pilot training is available with a full-time instructor to oversee flight training. 

You can contact them here. 


South Pacific Helicopters offers whale watching, scenic experiences and private and commercial charters by helicopter all year round. 

Experience a unique perspective whale watching by slowly orbiting above the whale, see the whale in its entirety from 'tip to tail'.  Take in some of NZ's most beautiful coastal shores, alpine landings (snow landings in season), or experience the geological and environmental changes to Kaikōura coastal areas, raised seabeds, mountain ranges, rivers and infrastructure.

South Pacific Helicopters offer a variety of commercial cost effective precision lifting including cargo lifting (water tanks, stock feed, building materials), sling training services, filming, photography, conservation and environmental research services.


You can contact them here.


Wings over Whales have been conducting whale watching scenic flights since November 1991. Wings Over Whales are committed to providing a world class visitor experience that minimises their impact on the environment, encourages environmental awareness about marine mammal behaviour and provides information about the uniqueness of Kaikōura's coastal setting. 

Today they offer whale watching flights, scenic air tours and private charters. 

You can contact them here.



Under New Zealand's Civil Aviation rules, drones must not be flown within 4 km of a helipad or airport unless you are either flying below tree heights (shielded) or you have a  licence/permit/permission from aerodrome operators.

Kaikōura has three sites that fall into this category,  the airport, hospital and Whale Watch. This means drones must not be flown anywhere in the circles shown on the image on the left.

Reporting unsafe drone flights 

If a drone presents an immediate danger, call 111 and ask for the Police.

To report a rule breach contact the Civil Aviation Authority 0508 4 SAFETY (0508 472 338) or email si@caa.govt.nz

You will need to provide the time and location of the incident, and any other details about the person flying the drone.

03 October 2018