Natural Hazards and Land Damage

Since the earthquake, Council has been building a good range of information to inform decisions and working with central government and other agencies to share information and reduce costs.

There is no ‘one size fits all’ approach for how hazards and risks should be identified or managed. The main focus is on protecting the ‘life safety’ of people and communities; and then identifying long-term measures to reduce risks.  These measures can include geotechnical solutions (e.g rock-fall nets, bunds and walls; monitoring systems to provide early warning of future risks); or policy measures (such as restricting access or development of ‘at-risk’ sites).

Papatea Fault

The Papatea Fault starts around 5km offshore and goes inland in the northern part of our district.

Check out GNS's video below with some scientific information about the fault and the changes to the landscape when it ruptured. 

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23 August 2018