Parking and Traffic Control

This page contains information about the management of parking and traffic in the Kaikōura District including how to pay parking fines, traffic requirements for events, speed limits and the traffic bylaw.

Proposed Traffic Bylaw

Council is responsible for managing the safe and efficient use of the District’s roads. A new traffic bylaw has been drafted which will replace the previous Kaikōura District (Traffic Control) Bylaw 1995 and the Kaikōura District Council Speed Limits Bylaw 2005.

The proposed bylaw will allow Council, by resolution, to control and manage the road space including parking, stopping and waiting, speed limits, traffic movement, use of the road, protection of berms and road damage to ensure that traffic movement and parking is both efficient and safe. 

The proposed bylaw will not change the current parking rules. Council will be reviewing all current parking rules later in 2018 and the public will have a chance to input. 

The proposed bylaw is out for public consultation from September 6 to October 6.  Hearings will take place in October 2018. The bylaw is scheduled for adoption at the 31 October Council meeting following Council deliberations on any submissions received.

Parking rules and areas

Parking Fines

Traffic management

An activity on the road reserve is a responsibility that cannot be taken lightly.  Anyone planning any work that impacts the road reserve needs to provide Council with a completed Traffic Management Plan (TMP). This includes activities like putting up scaffolding, temporary or permanent signs or running events or stalls. The road reserve includes the road, footpath and berm. 

A Traffic Management Plan (TMP) is a document that includes:

  • The description of the activity
  • The extend of the activity (how much space you intend to take)
  • A plan showing the location and all signs/staff needed to protect the area
  • A contingency plan in case something happens
  • Does a speed limit restriction applies
  • Details of any required road closures
  • Details of how emergency services will be notified

Please note: Churchill Street and Beach Road form part of SH1. Anyone organising any work that impacts these areas should contact NZTA. 

For more information, please call council.