Rebuild Programme

This page has information about Council’s horizontal infrastructure rebuild. The rebuild covers our roads, bridges, and three waters networks (stormwater, wastewater and drinking water). The target date for the completion is June 2020.

The Council-owned community facilities rebuild covers our buildings and structures (e.g Memorial Hall, Scout Hall, tennis courts, toilets and Skatepark) - read about them here.

Council's natural hazards work covers properties significantly affected by land damage and increased natural hazard risk - read about it here.


By December 2018, we hope to have:

  • 100% asset assessment complete
  • 100% asset investigation complete
  • 70% design complete
  • 20% of delivery complete

By June 2019 we hope to have:

  • 40% construction complete

Keep up to date on key projects and the overall rebuild programme here.

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19 September 2018