Recycling and Rubbish

Council is looking at how to improve waste services including public bins, residential rubbish collection, recycling and safe disposal of what’s left (residual waste). The aim is to improve the types of services offered and how they are paid for.

This page contains information on how to dispose of waste responsibly and what is being done about illegal dumping.

Let's talk rubbish & recycling

Council and Innovative Waste Kaikōura are talking rubbish and recycling with residents, ratepayers and iwi.

A review is underway to make sure rubbish and recycling services in Kaikōura are designed, delivered and paid for in a way that helps build the kind of community and future our residents and ratepayers want to see.

With a diversion rate of around 50% IWK has one of the highest diversion rates of resource recovery centres in NZ. However, the landfill is filling up and has approximately 18 months of operational life left before space runs out. In addition, the Waste Minimisation and Management Strategy and Plan for Kaikoura are due for a refresh.

Over 2019 and 2020 Council, IWK the Kaikōura community, iwi and ratepayers will need to work hard, and work together, to develop a new strategy for waste minimisation in Kaikōura. The strategy will align with tikanga Maori, encourage local economic growth and diversity and balance affordability against environmental impact. 

The draft strategy will be developed in early 2020 and will be consulted on in as part of the Annual Plan consultation.

Waste Management and Minimisation

A steering group has been formed to lead a Waste Management and Minimisation project.

The vision for the project is;

"Waste minimisation and management solutions help Kaikoura move forward as a great place to live with a strong, well-connected community, that is ecologically exemplary and economically prosperous"

The outcomes for the project are;

  • Kaikōura remains a community that prides itself on managing its waste as sustainably and responsibly as it can afford to
  • Waste minimisation and management solutions align with tikanga Maori and uphold the principles of the Treaty of Waitangi
  • Waste minimisation and management solutions balance cost against environmental sustainability, and operational capability and efficiency
  • Waste minimisation and management solutions support a district economy that is diverse and provides continuous employment opportunities
  • Waste minimisation and management solutions are fit for future, with a minimum viable life of 10 years.
  • The Kaikōura community understands the operational and financial realities of waste management in a modern context, resulting in acceptable satisfaction with levels of service around waste

The steering group is responsible for ensuring; a fit for future new waste minimisation strategy is adopted by council no later than 30 June 2020, a fit for future waste management facility is operational on the existing resource recovery (Innovative Waste) site by no later than June 2021 and a fit for purpose consented and compliant closure management plan for the current  landfill is developed and implemented by 2021. Early estimates indicate a total project cost of around $4million.

The steering group members are; KDC CEO Angela Oosthuizen (Chair/Project Director), Innovative Waste Kaikōura General Manager Jacki Remihana, Councillors Milton and Bond, Te Rūnanga O Kaikōura representative Clint McConchie, Communications and Engagement Manager Libby Clifford, Community Facilities Engineer Bruce Apperley, Strategy, Planning and Policy Manager Matt Hoggard, Waste Minimisation Project Manager Chris Purchas and Solid Waste Solution Project Manager Logan Thomson. 

The community will have opportunities to have their say during the project including a survey in October 2019, workshops later in 2019, and formal consultation as part of the 2020/2021 Annual Plan early in 2020.

Read a media release about the project 

Earthquake related waste

Kaikōura District is a 'Zero Waste Community'. Our vision is to send zero waste to landfill. We currently divert approximately 75% of our waste away from landfill.

The magnitude 7.8 earthquake on 14 November 2016 caused extensive damage to land, coastal areas, buildings, homes and infrastructure in our district. It is estimated about 8000 tonnes of earthquake waste will be produced – equating to about eight years’ of waste for Kaikōura. 

If you’re doing any work on your property, including demolishing it, contact us and make sure you’re following the Waste Minimisation guidelines.

26 May 2020