Swimming Pool Rebuild

The existing swimming pool in Kaikōura on the Esplanade was closed in 2016 after it was damaged by the earthquake. Since then, Council has provided funding support for a temporary "pop-up" pool. 

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Local swimming facilities


 - 'Pools in Schools' temporary pool: 10mx4m
 - Available for public use, during the summer (mid-October to the end of March)
 - Heated to 26⁰ and covered by a marquee
 - Location: on the Kaikoura Primary School netball courts (enter off the Esplanade)
 - Contact: Sport Tasman Kaikōura

Kaikōura Primary School

 - Kaikoura Primary School pool: 11x5m
 - Covered and heated
 - Contact: Kaikōura Primary School - 03 319 5440

Dusky Lodge

 - Dusky Lodge pool
 - 67 Beach Rd
 - Outdoor and heated
 - Available to non-guests $5 per swim
 - Contact: Dusky Lodge - 03 319 5959

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Background - working towards a new pool

Following the earthquake, community consultation as part of developing the 'Reimagine Kaikōura' Recovery Plan in early 2017 showed a strong desire for a new pool and community hub. No cost estimates were available at this time. 

With Council endorsement, the Kaikōura Sport and Recreation Recovery Leadership Team commissioned an independent pool feasibility study and provided the report to Council in late 2017. Council is working closely with the team to develop all the recent pool-related work into a final pool feasibility study. We are all committed to developing designs and to consulting with the community to find a long-term answer. 

Depending on the final design and location, a new pool may cost between $6 million and $14 million. Further feasibility, planning and consultation work is expected to take between 3 and 5 years. Significant fundraising and external funding would be needed before any construction could start. 

Once built, the cost of running and maintaining a new pool is estimated to be around $260,000 per year. This would need to be met by ratepayers and users through both ticket sales and future rates rises. 

In the meantime, we are committed to making sure the community has access to a pool. 

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 Council's commitment 

Regardless of the option chosen as a result of the 3 Year Plan 2018-2021, Council is planning to commit a total of $700,000 towards pool related work over the next three years.

This will be split into:

  • Up to $150,000 for concept design and community consultation
  • $150,000 towards detailed design
  • The remainder being contributed towards construction. 

The project will be reviewed after each stage and will not proceed to the next stage unless it has all the right support and planning in place and full funding has been secured for the next stage. 

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 Our plan

In the Draft 3 Year Plan, we are proposing to delay decisions about the pool until December 2018 when more information is available. 

Between now and December a Council project manager will work with the Kaikōura Sports and Recreational Recovery Leadership Team to confirm a site for a new pool and develop more detailed cost information. We’ll keep the pop-up pool going for one year while we gather the information we need.

the pool

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Last updated: 18 May 2018