Information about all our community and social recovery work. 

Useful links and information: 

  • Right now there’s a shortage of housing and accommodation in our District find out what's being done and where you can get help 
  • The Community Services and Recovery Team are now located n the 1st floor of the Civic Centre in the old Council Chambers. Open door 8.00am to 12.30pm Moday-Friday. Pop in, have a chat, get your questions answered or get help with insurance, social support and all things recovery
  • Mayoral Relief Fund  financial help for those experiencing hardship as a result of the earthquake, who are (or were) a resident of  our District on 14 November 2016.
  • Services directory: A complete list and contact information for all the health, education & social services available to our District. 
  • Welcome Pack: New here? This booklet lists everything you need to know about local services, events, groups and community organisations.
  • Free Legal advice: Residential Advisory Service (Community Law Canterbury) are in town monthly to provide free legal advice (about rebuild, insurance or any other matter you may need help with). Call 027 537 0159 or email Karen on
  • R you ok Kaikoura? The Kaikoura Social Recovery Team is door knocking across the District to see if there is anything we can do for you. They've put together a brochure that lists all sorts of helpful services and support in the District - share this with anyone who think might need it. 

    They’ve also got a 24/7 message service. If you’ve got a question, need some help or know someone who does, call them, leave a message and someone will check it and get back to you within 2 days. 


    All Right? has a range of initiatives designed to make people more aware of their wellbeing and ways to improve it.
  • Sports and Clubs a full list and contact info for all sports, leisure and hobby groups in the District. If we've missed something, let us know! 

  • Events in Kaikoura  find out what's on in our District and to promote an event you're involved with!

  • Te Hā o Mātauranga - Learning in Kaikōura  The “go to” place for Kaikōura residents who want to learn. A place that will promote opportunities, promote conversation around education and allow space for families individuals and agencies to achieve their goals. 

  • Winter Warmers:   The Winter Warmer programme is about helping residents get their houses warm, safe, secure and sanitised as soon as possible. 

  • Insurance: EQC has some handy information for those navigating their way through insurance. We have tried to put all the links in one handy place. If there's a question you can't find an answer to, get in touch and we will do our best to help you out!

  • NCTIR News, and providing Complaints or Feedback NCTIR are doing everything they can to keep everyone up-to-date as the work on the road and rail continues find out how to keep up with their information, make a complaint or provide feedback 

  • Social Recovery Task Group focus on connecting and supporting all Community focused recovery work and services. They meet on the third Tuesday of every month at the Council Chambers from 3pm to 4.30pm - contact Susi for more information. 


Something missing? We're still building this page. If you have suggestions for sorts of information you'd like to see here please contact us. You can also stay up to date with what's going on in our District by signing up to our email Newsletter or joining us on Facebook or Twitter 

How does this fit with the Recovery Plan?

Recovery Plan Goal: Strengthen community resilience, safety and wellbeing; ensure everyone in the community has their essential needs met; and enhance quality of life for residents and visitors.

How we'll achieve it

Support health and wellbeing: Undertake a stocktake of community needs and services provided. Develop a Healthy Kaikōura partnership to coordinate and deliver programmes that support community wellbeing and connectedness. Monitor health and wellbeing outcomes and regularly review progress and actions.

Meet housing needs: Determine temporary accommodation needs and ensure adequate case management support is available. Provide guidance on repairing or rebuilding homes to be healthy, efficient and resilient. Identify actions to meet current and future housing needs including regulatory and non-regulatory methods.

Elderly care: Encourage the private sector to establish a retirement village and dementia care facilities. 

Community activities: Support organisations working to enliven Kaikōura, strengthen community connections, wellbeing and build resilience for earthquake affected communities.

Community facilities: Develop a long-term community facilities plan to repair or replace key community facilities such as pools or playgrounds. Investigate a visitor levy or contribution to support tourism related facilities.

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Last updated: 9 May 2018