Fire Status

Kaikoura District Council Fire Season Status

As from 8.00 am on Monday 10 April 2017 the Restricted Fire Season (Fire by Permit only) has been lifted and replaced with an Open Fire Season, which will remain in force until further notice.

This is for the following areas:

All land administered by Kaikoura District Council

Kaikoura Flats between the Kowhai and Hapuku Rivers, is already in an Open Fire Season

The Open Fire Season means that fire permits are not required for fires in the open air. However, this does not diminish the responsibility or potential liability for those who light fires. This means that you can still be held liable for the costs to extinguish a fire if you were responsible for lighting a fire that escapes or endangers neighbouring properties.

Any person lighting a fire in the open air in the Kaikoura District, needs to be aware of the open air burning rules imposed by Environment Canterbury. Please check with ECAN if you intend to light a fire in the open.

All land clearing burns will still require a Burn Plan. Please contact your local Rural Fire Officer.

A Restricted Fire Season still remains in force for the following permanently restricted fire zones:

All land administered by the Department of Conservation within the MKRFA District

Fire Seasons - Definitions

Open - You do not need a permit to light a fire but any fire you do light is your responsibility and you're liable if it causes damage or escapes. Only dry vegetation can be burnt.

Restricted - You need a permit to light a fire, but check with the Council or Department of Conservation for specific conditions concerning camp fires, BBQ's incinerators and ethnic cooking fires.

Total Fire Ban - No fires allowed in the open except for gas-fired BBQ's. Any existing fire permits are automatically cancelled.

Marlborough Kaikoura Rural Fire Authority

You can apply online for a Fire Permit or call 03 520 7400