Fire Rules and Safety

Members of the public concerned for their safety or safety of their property due to a fire should always call 111.

Fire and Emergency NZ are responsible for managing fire safety in NZ, including fires on or near our beaches and coastal areas. Council works with FENZ to ensure our communities are aware of any fire regulations and know what they should or should not do.

Fire and Emergency provide the following general fire safety advice:

  • you must not light a fire in fire risk conditions that make it likely that the fire will spread beyond the limits of the location or property
  • immediately before lighting the fire, you must make reasonable efforts to confirm that no fire bans are in place
  • fires should only be lit if the wind is less that 15km and stong winds are not forecast for the 48 hours following the time the fire is lit
  • no fire is to be lit within 5 metre of any part of any building, fence, tree, hedge, shelter-belt or other combustible material
  • extinguish all fires after burning. Rake out and apply water
  • no fire is to be left unattended while burning and should be checked/patrolled until it is completely out.

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August 30 2018