Three Waters Reform

Three Waters Reforms Submissions

Submissions on Water Services Legislation Bill, 15 February 2023


Submission on the Water Services Entities Bill, 20 July 2022

The submission clearly outlines the reasons for Council opposing some aspects of the Bill.

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21/02/2023   Three Waters judgement accepts confiscation of assets with no compensation

21/07/2022   Kaikōura District Council's submission on the Water Services Entities Bill

7/06/2022     Water Services Entity Bill enters Parliament. The Bill can be downloaded here

7/06/2022     Disclosure Statement for the Bill (aims to bring together information to support Parliamentary and public scrutiny of the Bill)

7/06/2022     Three Waters Regulatory Impact Assessment

06/07/2022   Media Release  encouraging submissions to Water Services Entities Bill

31/05/2022   Rural Supplies Technical Working Group Final Report Published, full report available here, FAQ's here and summary presentation slides here

02/05/2022   Media Release Kaikōura District Council Mayor Craig Mackle is disappointed with the Government’s latest 3 Waters changes

19/04/2022   Communities for Local Democracy (C4LD) meetings in Wellington

                           Castalia Report to C4LD-Alternative Options for Water Reform Jan 2022
                           Presentation to Minister of Local Government 4 April 2022
                           Letter to Helen Worboys 8 April 2022
                           Letter to Minister of Local Govt 10 April 2022
                           C4LD Position on Iwi Māori Partnership April 2022

04/04/2022   Letter from Government on 'Better off' funding package, Kaikōura District Council will consider the implications before making any decisions

09/03/2022   Media Release Communities 4 Local Democracy,  Predictably disappointing feedback from hamstrung working group

07/03/2022   Letter from Department of Internal Affairs, Responding to Kaikōura District Council feedback and questions

10/02/2022   Media Release Communities 4 Local Democracy, Group Offers Better Alternative for Three Waters Delivery

14/01/2022   Media Release Communities 4 Local Democracy, New Zealanders will pay more and receive less under Three Waters 

22/12/2021   Memorandum of Understanding C4LD, MOU Between Partner Councils in relation to their Three Waters Campaign

16/12/2021   Media Release Kaikōura District Council, C4LD - the voice of more than a million New Zealanders

03/12/2021   Web Update Kaikōura District Council, Government announced Three Waters Reform would be mandatory for all councils

27/10/2021   Summary of Local Council Feedback on Three Waters Reform proposals

27/10/2021   Web Update Kaikōura District Council, Kaikōura District Council's response to Government media release

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For more information on the Communities 4 Local Democracy Campaign (C4LD) He hapori mō te Manapori and its models for better water services, visit or their Media Contact: Stephen Doran - 027 202 7784