$1.9 million to develop a Link Pathway in Kaikōura

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$1.9m from the Tourism Infrastructure Fund has just been granted to the Kaikōura District Council. The funding is to develop a Link Pathway from the Kaikōura Information Centre along the Esplanade and Fyffe Quay to the seal colony at Point Kean.

CEO Will Doughty said “A pathway connecting key points of interest in Kaikōura has been considered by the community over a number of years. Now, with this level of financial support from central government we can make this happen.”

The Link Pathway will connect drawcards such as the Kaikōura Museum, iSite, Memorial Gardens, Dolphin Encounter, Mayfair Theatre, the Sudima Hotel and proposed redevelopment of the old pool site at Gooches Beach. The pathway will continue past Wakatu Quay, the historic Fyffe House, Jimmy Armers Beach and the seal colony at Point Kean. The Pathway will also create a connection to West End from the many accommodation providers also situated along the proposed pathway.

It is hoped the Link Pathway will enhance the Kaikōura foreshore for our community and visitors. The Pathway will make it safer to access to Point Kean and lessen short car trips in the district, reducing our climate change impact.

Mayor Craig Mackle said “The Link Pathway will benefit our local community and be another drawcard for Kaikōura. At the moment people drive between attractions along the Esplanade but this pathway will encourage more people to get out of their cars and spend more time here. Once we get people out of their cars, they can really enjoy what Kaikōura has to offer.”

The Link Pathway funding will also upgrade the existing under-utilised walking track from the Esplanade up to the Kaikōura Lookout - a magnificent place with 360-degree panoramic view of both sides of the Kaikōura Peninsula, amazing at sunrise or sunset.

Mackle said “We are very grateful to Minister Nash for following through on his commitments made back in March 2021, supporting Kaikōura as one of the five districts most impacted by COVID-19 border closures. I’d like to thank the team at Council for developing such a strong application, we now have an amazing opportunity here to do something very special for the community and town.”

The Council has allocated funds in the Long Term Plan to contribute towards the project. They will work closely with partner organisation Te Runanga o Kaikōura and key community groups over the coming months to develop the design. The aim will be to blend in with the natural landscape, treading lightly whilst showcasing the incredible environment. The project will be delivered over a two year period.

19 July 2021