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Kaikōura Business List
5 Apr 2019

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Help Council keep your business up to date with key information.

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From the Mayor
3 Apr 2019

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Mayor Gray to step down

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Environmental matters
17 Mar 2019

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Kaikōura is home to a community that cares for the environment and works hard to protect and enhance it. Since the 1990s Council has incorporated these values through various programmers and initiatives including Earthcheck accreditation and Zero Waste.

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Safe swimming sites
8 Feb 2019

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The Land Air Water Aotearoa site has great info whether the following beaches are safe to swim - Kahutara, Peketa Beach, Armers, Gooches, South Bay Parade, Lyell Creek lagoon and Mangamaunu Surf Beach (meatworks). The results of these summer tests are published and updated weekly.

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We're hiring!
19 Dec 2018

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Needed:  someone special to fill a 6 month fixed term position providing coordination and administration support for Kaikōura District Council Communications

We need someone who can multi-task and finds it easy to keep several different jobs on the go at once. Someone who can connect easily and quickly with the full range of Kaikōura residents and ‘walk in their shoes’, helping ensure Council is providing the right kinds of information, in the right ways, to the right people.

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Requesting a service, providing feedback or making a complaint
9 Dec 2018

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Use our new, easy online form and map to: 

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SNA Working Group To Re-start Early 2019
6 Dec 2018

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Work to help protect and manage Kaikōura's environment will take a step forward in early 2019 with the re-establishment of the Significant Natural Areas Working Group (SNAWG) in January. 

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Apply for your building consent online
8 Nov 2018

Building consents 630

Customers can now sign up and apply for their building consent online.

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Changes to the Food Act
2 Nov 2018

food act changes

The Food Act 2014 came into force 1 March 2016 and takes a new approach to managing food safety. If you have a food service or retail business and your food control plan (FCP) was registered prior to 1 March 2016, you will need to apply to register under the Food Act 2014 by 30 November 2018. Attend a presentation on 6 November to find out more. 

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