ARA Students Present Urban Design Projects

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Kaikōura was lucky enough to be at the centre of some excellent Urban Design work undertaken by some Year 2 & 3 Architecture Design students from ARA Institute of Canterbury. 

The students came to Kaikōura and presented the designs that they had been working on over the last 8 weeks on Monday 30 July.

The 2nd year students focused their designs around 3 key goals of retaining population, education and tourism. 

They said that they kept in mind the strengths of Kaikōura that already exist, like the scenery, wildlife and community. 

A few ideas were floated from their designs, mainly around an aquarium or research centre, an open market environment in the West End area, a community centre and opportunities to grow the swimming potential and rock pool areas in South Bay. 

Urban design should always consider community, education opportunities (cultural stories and education as a resource), and think about tourism in a place like Kaikōura. 

The 3rd year students were next and some of their ideas aligned well with those of the 2nd year designs. They categorised existing and needed aspects with a goal to create identity for Kaikōura while incorporating a deep respect to the district's history. 

The students used the Kaikōura Recovery Plan to utilise key goals and priorities that the community had already identified post quake and wanted to create spaces that connected the different concepts throughout the township (cliff to surf to township). Their focus was on creating a destination as opposed to a thoroughfare. 

Some ideas included in this design was a train station that increased access for those coming from outside the district, town-coast connection through walkways and cycleways, changing shop views to coastline facing and creating a pathway that runs along the top edge of the cliff, above town, to provide uninterrupted views of the mountains and the coastline. 

All of the designs presented were fantastic ideas and gives the community and Council some food for thought when it comes to the future of urban design here in Kaikōura.


Thanks to BIMformation and ARA Institute of Canterbury for working alongside Council in bringing this project to life.

31 July 2018