Asbestos awareness week

2018.04 asbestos awareness week

Asbestos awareness week is April 9-13th this year! Keep your whanau, friends and clients safe by taking advantage of a FREE asbestos test now. 

As part of the Waste Minimization project, the Council has a dedicated staff member to helping EVERY BUILDING in the community get a FREE asbestos test.

Contact Natalie by email, or call her on 027 576 1792 to find out more, and book your test today!

Asbestos was widely used in building materials because of its resistance to fire, heat, chemicals, noise, and the strength it added to otherwise brittle materials like cement. Many buildings or homes built before before 1 January 2000 are likely to contain some type of asbestos materials.

It pays to get your building/home asbestos tested. If the test turns out positive, there's no need to worry- asbestos left undisturbed and in good condition is unlikely to pose a health risk. If your building/home is earthquake damaged, it is likely that the cost of remediation will be covered by your EQC/insurance claim.


Why get tested?

  • IT'S FREE!
  • Risk minimisation: knowing the asbestos status of your building/home ensures any work carried out can be done in a way that protects you, your whanau and anyone doing work on or in your building
  • Helps you to work together with your insurer during the settling process (to cover asbestos)
  • If removal is needed, it is cheaper than ever to get it done now!


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