Boil Water Notice

Boil water notice

BOIL WATER NOTICES:  Fernleigh, Peketa, Oaro, Kincaid & Suburban 

If you are on the any of these water supplies please boil all drinking/cooking water for at least 1 minute before you use it.

This includes water for:

• Drinking
• Cooking
• Making Ice
• Brushing Teeth
• Washing Dishes




Kincaid (view map) &

Suburban (view map)

Risk of bacterial contamination due to rain levels and catchment 


Oaro (view map)

Council is waiting for an engineer’s report on the entire scheme.

Peketa (view map)

Continuous low levels of bacterial contamination of the water source.

Fernleigh (view map)

Possibility of bacterial contamination.


If you have friends or relatives living in these areas please help pass the word by checking to make sure they know they need to boil their water.


If you have any questions please ring Innovative Waste Kaikoura on 03-319 7148