Boil Water Notices

Boil water notice

Update (25 July):

In early July Kaikoura District Council met with Community and Public Health and agreed the remaining actions that need to be taken to get the boil water notices lifted for Fernleigh, Peketa, Oaro and Kincaid.

The recent heavy rains meant that the water from some schemes had high turbidity (cloudiness caused by lots of particles in the water). The good news is we've done a number of tests since the rains and didn't find any bacterial contamination. 

We hope to have the work complete for Peketa and Oaro in the next two weeks, and Fernleigh and Kincaid by the end of August. To get the notices lifted we have to: 

- have a completed Engineers report

- submit a maintenance schedule to Community and Public Health 

- check all the sample taps are functioning correctly 

- have clear tests of the water

East Coast and Suburban supplies are more complex and will take longer to get sorted. We’ll update people on where the work is at and how long repairs might take as soon as we can. 

Current Boil Water Notices: Fernleigh, Peketa, Oaro, Kincaid, Suburban and East Coast 

If you are on the any of these water supplies please boil all drinking/cooking water for at least 1 minute before you use it.

This includes water for:

• Drinking
• Cooking
• Making Ice
• Brushing Teeth
• Washing Dishes

If you have friends or relatives living in these areas please help pass the word by checking to make sure they know they need to boil their water.

Recent Council papers incorrectly stated the Kincaid notice had been lifted. We’re sorry for the error, Kincaid remains on a notice.

We know living with Boil Water Notices can be frustrating. We promise we’re doing everything we can to improve water quality and remove the notices as soon as possible whilst keeping people healthy.

Since the earthquake, residents have been notified of Boil Water Notices by:

- letters to each household - one in November and one in April

- information in the Kaikoura Star and Council newsletters

- Facebook and website updates

- phone calls and other direct communications with affected residents.

Which scheme are you on? 

Kincaid (view map), Suburban (view map)Oaro (view map)Peketa (view map), Fernleigh (view map)