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Changes to the system for managing earthquake-prone building come into effect end of 2019.


From MBIE ....

.... ‘As you may be aware, a change to the system for managing earthquake-prone buildings (EPBs) was recently announced by the Minister for Building and Construction, Hon. Jenny Salesa.

This change will make it easier for EPB owners in small towns to undertake modest building work, without having to start seismic strengthening work at the same time.

The purpose of the ‘substantial’ alteration provisions in the EPB system is to promote positive and progressive upgrades of EPBs within the statutory timeframes.

However, the current definition of a substantial alteration is having a disproportionate impact on provincial and small towns where there are many low-value buildings. This discourages modest and progressive building work from being undertaken in these areas.

To be considered ‘substantial’ and mean that seismic strengthening needs to be done at the same time, the value of an alteration will now need to be greater than $150,000. This is in addition to the existing criteria – that the work needs a building consent, and that it (together with other work consented in the last two years) has an estimated value of at least 25 per cent of the building’s value’.


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26 July 2019