Business Case for South Bay Marina Development reaches next stage

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The Kaikōura Marine Development Programme (KMDP) funded by the Provincial Growth Fund (PGF) is asking for community feedback to incorporate into the business case for a South Bay Harbour/Marina Development. Project Lead Chris Sturgeon said, “It’s exciting to be moving on to the next stage, this is a fantastic opportunity to have your say on a development that could have long term benefits for Kaikōura.”

The development of a business case comes from an initial investigation that the Council conducted in 2018 into the suitability of three concepts for funding by the PGF. At this time a South Bay Harbour/Marina ‘Wants and Needs’ study was conducted by Danny Smith and a group of community members.

Feedback from harbour users and key stakeholders was sought and documented. The results of this work were incorporated into the PGF application and $1M was granted to develop a business case for the development of the South Bay Harbour/Marina. The KMDP team are now planning to revisit the ‘Wants and Needs’ study whilst expanding the brief and asking for community feedback to find out if these are still relevant and what might have changed since 2018/19.  

Sturgeon said “We’re wanting to ask the community what additions or alterations could improve their experience of using the South Bay Harbour. Also, in the potential development of this area, what innovative ideas would they like to see considered as part of the business case.”

The feedback will be taken into consideration when developing the business case, which will include the expected business benefits and costs of any proposed development, environmental impact, other options considered and any expected risks. Consideration will also be given to the option of doing nothing, including the costs and risks of inactivity.

Tenders have also gone to market to source professional services to assist with engineering and marine design. There will also be further studies, environmental and cultural analysis undertaken as part of the business case development.

The $1M PGF funding is to develop a business case, any further funds to develop the area will need to be sourced from central government. The business case will be submitted to the government treasury in early 2022.


31 May 2021