Bye Bye Placards!

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Kaikōura Recovery Transition Period Ends

22 November 2017 

Kaikōura residents can now take down their earthquake placards (stickers), a little over a year after the earthquake.

At 1pm today, the local Recovery Transition Period for Kaikōura will expire and will not be renewed. The transition period has been in place since the end of the declaration of emergency that followed the earthquake.

The Transition period allowed the local Recovery Manager to use powers under the Civil Defence act if required to keep people safe and allow recovery work to take place. Its’ main effect in recent weeks was to keep red and yellow placard’s in place while Council, geotechnical specialists and others re-assessed the most damaged and at risk properties.

CEO Angela Oosthuizen said, “in the last few months Council has checked all red or yellow stickered properties and all properties known to have been significantly affected by risks from land damage and natural hazards.”

“Where possible, we’ve provided guidance for property owners about what they need to do next. For the majority of people it’s a case of needing to continue working with insurers, EQC and builders to plan, repair or rebuild. For those worst affected, either by structural damage or risks from land damage and natural hazards, we’ve issued a Section 124 notice under the building act to stop people from entering buildings that are just too dangerous or badly damaged.”

“Owners of properties deemed dangerous or insanitary have received information via letters, reports or conversations with Council about what work needs to be done and what happens next for them.”

“The building process can often seem long and complicated, especially to those who haven’t done it before. If any of our residents are still unsure about what needs to happen for their property, I really encourage them to call Council” She said.   

As part of the immediate earthquake response, visual assessments of all properties District wide were completed. Properties that were structurally damaged or were at risk from hazards (e.g. landslide or rockfall) were issued with placards (‘stickers’). Kaikōura District Council issued 289 red or yellow placards. A red placard meant that a building was unsafe and no one was allowed to enter. Yellow placards meant there were restrictions on entering/using the building.

Whilst under the recovery transition period Council inspectors re-checked all red and yellow stickered properties to see if they were badly damaged enough to be considered a ‘dangerous’ or ‘insanitary’ building under the building act. 35 properties met the criteria.

Council inspectors also checked over 180 properties affected by land damage or risk from natural hazards to see if further geotechnical assessments were needed, 65 received more detailed geotechnical reports.  Of these, an estimated 14 properties are at an unacceptably high risk from natural hazards/land damage. Land damage at Lyell Creek has also affected about 25 properties to varying degrees. Council is working with the Ministry of Civil Defence and Emergency Management and other central government agencies to develop next steps for these properties.