Coastal Pacific Trail - Picton to Kaikōura

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Kaikōura District Council is proud to be supporting the Marlborough Kaikōura Trail Trust with its work developing the Picton to Kaikōura Coastal Pacific Trail. 

The Marlborough Kaikōura Trail Trust has been established to develop The Coastal Pacific Trail between Marlborough Sounds and Kaikōura. 

At approximately 200km, it will connect the communities of Picton, Blenheim, Seddon, Ward, Kekerengu, Clarence and Kaikōura and bring sustainable economic restoration to these quake impacted communities.

The trail will be accessible for a diverse range of ages and abilities, including families, and also surfaces which will include sealed path, road, boardwalk and gravel. It will work to the NZCT grades 1,2 and 3. 

This Trail, this is a showstopper, it just generates opportunity right through the food chain...immense opportunity it keeps you awake at night thinking about it" - Winston Gray, Mayor Kaikōura District

Council believes the trail will become an iconic journey in its own right and a 'must do' for residents and domestic and international tourists. Funding the development of the trail will require a joint effort.

How much will it cost?

Initial estimates are that it will cost $12million+ to build.

The trust and Council's (Marlborough and Kaikōura) are continuing to support fundraising efforts and to work with central government to identify funding options.

NCTIR activity provides opportunity to bring the cycletrail to life in the next two years.

NZTA and KiwiRail will have significant influence on the speed and cost of developing the trail. 

 "The trail could be the single biggest benefit for the region following the Kaikōura earthquake" - John Leggett, Mayor Marlborough District


Case for funding

 - Economic: with an estimated 18,000-35,000 users annually, spending will add up to $19million per annum to the region

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 - Business: opportunities and jobs will be created for communities that have been disrupted by the earthquakes. Up to 77.1 direct jobs and 10.5 indirect jobs are estimated to be created. For small towns such as Ward, who have previously relied only on fishing/agriculture, this could make a significant change to their economy and survival.

 - Tourism: an asset will be created with the Cycleway, and it gives people another reason to travel to the Kaikōura - Marlborough region. It fits in with other tourism ventures throughout the region and will be available all year round due to the climate.

 - Recreation: the Trail enables people to access (what we think are) some of the most beautiful places in New Zealand, that would be inaccessible otherwise. 

"For the community it's a really exciting project, it's got the potential to provide slow, high-value traffic to an area that for the last 30 years has been pretty stagnant in it's growth" - John Hickman, Quake affected Ward resident

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