Community Consultation – Proposed Demolition of Old Council Building

LOW RES com fac old council

At its meeting of 24 February 2021 Kaikōura District Council resolved to consult with the community regarding the proposed demolition of the old Council Office Building at 34 Esplanade, with the cost of the demolition covered by the subsequent sale of the freehold lot.

The building been unused since 2015. Demolition of the structure is proposed because there does not appear to be justification for retaining a building that is old and requires very substantial expenditure (believed to be in the order of $800,000) to address significant structural deficiencies and to undertake other repairs and renewals necessary to make it useable.

It is believed that should additional space be needed in the future for community organisations that this could in be provided in a much more cost-efficient way than by attempting to restore the old Council building.

You can download a more detailed Statement of Proposal outlining the issues relating to it here.

Feedback was invited in respect of the proposed demolition of the building, rather than the potential uses for it unless those suggested uses are accompanied by demonstrably achievable plans on how the associated financial challenges will be overcome. Submissions closed on 10 May 2021.


11 May 2021