Community Facilities Rebuild Update - November 2018

Memorial Hall 630

Council looks after a number of buildings/facilities that were damaged in the 2016 earthquake. Work is ongoing with the community to ensure that these facilities are weather tight and safe to use. This page contains the latest available information about the repair/rebuild of the following:




Memorial Hall

Detailed design is due to be completed at the end of November 2018 and construction is scheduled to begin in the second quarter of 2019.

Council has received a $750,000 grant towards construction costs from Lotteries’ Environment and Heritage fund. This will help offset an overall community facilities earthquake insurance shortfall.

“It’s really exciting to receive this funding and we can’t wait to get stuck in and start the repairs to Memorial Hall,” Susi Haberstock, Kaikōura District Council Community Services Manager says. “The building has so much potential for so many users and we are delighted to be able to continue to provide this much loved space for our community activities.”

Read more about the funding here.

What work is needed?

The Memorial Hall requires a number of actions to make it safer, work better and be more comfortable. Estimated costs to repair and upgrade are approximately $1.5million and Council have applied to Lotteries for funding to cover some of this cost. 


Parks and Reserves

Public toilets

Repairs are estimated to cost a total of $276,000.
The Jimmy Armers beach toilet and shower block was badly damaged in the earthquake and is being replaced

Site work will start 12 November to allow the new block to be installed by end November. There will be Portaloos on site until the new block is ready.

The West End toilets are about to be upgraded to help with the flushing issues that we face when large numbers of people use the facility at once. 

Takahanga Tennis Courts

Council is working with the Rūnanga, Sport and Recreation Recovery Leadership Team (SRRLT) and community users to establish options and funding for fixing the Takahanga lower tennis courts in 2019.


Onsite condition assessments of existing walkways are almost complete, to help define maintenance and help scope improvements.

Churchill Park

Council staff are working with the Rescue Helicopter Trust on the Trust’s upgrade to the helipad at Churchill Park.


Cuddon (Op Shop) Building

The building requires waterproofing, structural upgrading and other repairs.

A budget of $275,000 was allocated in the 3 Year Plan 2018-2021 for this work, which comes from Council’s material damage insurance settlement.

Detailed design is due to be completed in December 2018 and construction is set to start in the second quarter of 2019, after summer visitor numbers have dropped off.

Council staff are working with the Op Shop to help them stay operational during construction.


Wharves and jetties

South Bay 

Following discussions with commercial operators and recreational users of Council’s South Bay ramp, repairs are being investigated. Funding and consents will then be needed.

The earliest work will start is April 2019. 


The marina works final inspection with NCTIR has been carried out.

Wakatu Quay

Immediate safety works at Wakatu Quay are to be completed by Christmas 2018. These will include repairs to damaged wharf timbers and crane removal.

Old Fyffe Wharf

The Old Fyffe Wharf near Jimmy Armers beach has been checked again before summer. The end platform will remain closed until repair funding can be obtained.

The bulk of the work for wharves and jetties is now completed. 


Scout Hall

Immediate make safe work is under way on the exits from the Scout hall. This is to make sure people can get out quickly and safely if there is a fire.

The Drama Club section of the building (north end) requires substantial work and is currently closed.

An underfloor engineering inspection has shown up the need for repiling as well as connecting the piles to the floor support system. Some of this was earthquake damage and other wear and tear.

Council are working with key community users and groups throughout this process.

The next step will include funding applications being made to outside funders such as Lotteries. Once we know how much funding is available, we will work with the community on which areas to allocate it to. 


Kaikōura Airport


A contract is being finalised for terminal repairs.

Work is expected to be completed by end 2018 and will be scheduled to minimise disruption to terminal operations.


Discussions with the hangar supplier are being finalised.

Work is expected to start in the second quarter of 2019.


Community Pool

Work is continuing to find the best long term solution for the community pool in Kaikōura. Council has deferred any decisions until December 2018, to allow more technical and financial information to be gathered and reviewed. They have committed $700,000 over the next three years for pool-related work.

Council continues to work with the Sport and Recreation Recovery Leadership Team and community members to gather all the information needed.

Read more about the Swimming Pool Upgrade here.


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07 November 2018