Improving our customer service

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Something need fixing or changing or something you’d like to know? Use our easy online contact us form and map to: 

  • Request a service - report anything that's broken or in need of servicing.
  • Provide feedback - share your ideas for things we could be working on, changing or improving
  • Leave a compliment or complaint - tell us what you think of our people or our services 
  • Request information  - ask us for anything you'd like to know 

You can upload files, videos or photos and use the map tool to tell us exactly where the problem is. It takes 2 minutes and your request is passed on to the relevant team, meaning it reaches the right people quickly and easily.

Find it here.

Improving our customer service

Council is looking at how customer service can be made smoother and faster and how performance is measured and reported.

Our goal is to improve residents satisfaction with our complaints process.

Since mid-2018 Council has;

  • improved our phone system making it easier for callers to reach those they need to
  • improved our online contact us form and process 
  • begun assessing our internal processes to see where and how we can make further improvements. 

Improving this service is a complicated project. It may take up to two years before there is much change in how our service is rated. 

The graph shows customer service requests over time by type. 

What happens once I report an issue?    

  • Request for service The request will be entered into our request management system and allocated to the team responsible for it. Once entered into the system, the request is given a number and a timeframe within which it must be dealt with. If you wish to be kept up to date with the progress of the request, keep the request number handy and call us at any time during business hours.
  • Feedback The information will be passed to the relevant staff member and responded to as appropriate. We do our best to use all constructive feedback to improve our services and recognise the efforts of our staff.
  • Compliments or complaints The information will be passed to the relevant  staff member and Manager and dealt with under the process outlined in Councils 'Complaints Policy'.
  • Requests for information The request will be passed to the team or staff member responsible. We are committed to being open and transparent and will do our best to answer all reasonable information requests.  Under the Local Government Official Information and Meetings Act 1987, Council must make a decision and communicate it to the requester ‘as soon as reasonably practicable’ and no later than 20 working days after the request is received; and make available any official information it has decided to release without ‘undue delay’.

What is Council not responsible for?

Public Safety/Indecency

To raise concerns about personal or public safety, drug or alcohol abuse, inappropriate behaviour, public nudity/indecency including toileting please contact the police.

Fire Safety

Members of the public concerned for their safety or safety of their property due to a fire should always call 111.

Fire and Emergency NZ are responsible for managing fire safety in NZ, including fires on or near our beaches and coastal areas. Council works with FENZ to ensure our communities are aware of any fire regulations and know what they should or should not do. 

Some Environmental issues

Many environmental issues are complex with responsibility split between the  Department of Conservation (for most wildlife related issues), Evironment Canterbury (for most issue to do with rivers, waterways) and Council (managing any issues caused by human waste/ or dumping of rubbish in parks/reserves or other public land). 

  • To report an issue for which Council is responsible, make a request for service or complaint through our Contact Us page 


Questions or complaints about NCTIR works in the area should go to or leave a voice message via freephone: 0800 NCTIR EQ (0800 628 4737)

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