Complaints and requests for service

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Improvements begin to Council 'Complaints, Feedback and Requests for Service' process

We know residents and ratepayers want us to improve the way we handle requests for service, complaints and feedback. Right now you have the chance to tell us what you’d like to see.

Complete our 2 minute survey


Email us your thoughts 

To make sure you feedback helps us grow and all inquiries are resolved to as soon as possible, we’re reviewing every step of our complaints process and gathering data from our residents, our staff and our IT systems. We’re looking at how things can be made smoother and faster and how our performance is measured and reported. Our goal is to improve residents satisfaction with our complaints process.

Making a complaint/request for service

As a first step towards making things better, we've got a new, easy online form you can use to: 

  • Request a service - report anything that's broken or in need of servicing.
  • Provide feedback - share your ideas for things we could be working on, changing or improving
  • Leave a compliment or complaint - tell us what you think of our people or our services 
  • Request information  - ask us for anything you'd like to know 

It takes 2 minutes and your request is passed on to the relevant team, meaning it reaches the right people quickly and easily. Find it here.

15 August 2018