Council Meeting Summary

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Council Meeting Summary

July 25 2018

A short summary of the meeting on 25th July, which contained reports from the finance team, works and services (BAU), rebuild infrastructure, a proposed road stopping, community services, economic recovery, and the responsible camping working group.

You can also access full agendas and reports here.

Finance (19 July)

Statement of financial position was to gain the greatest return from the cash settlements and until the rebuild programme commences, all available cash has been applied to repayment of borrowings. This has reduced our total borrowings from $6.56million in February, to only $3.27million at the end of June.

Works and Services (18 July)

The existing road maintenance contract expired on 30 June 2018. The new contract with Downer Ltd commenced on 1 July with a relatively smooth transition. Downer have inspected the majority of the network and are now preparing their first three month rolling maintenance programme.

The CDHB undertook its first implementation audit of the Kaikōura Urban and Ocean Ridge Water Safety Plans (WSP) on 25 June. The outcome of the audits was positive and confirmed that significant progress is being made in the management and operation of Council’s Water Schemes.

There were other updates on the roading budget, parks & reserves, buildings & facilities and waste minimisation.

Horizontal Infrastructure Rebuild Programme (18 July)

The main focus since last reporting period has been continued detailed design of the aeration lagoon and Lyell Creek sewer, as well as finalising the work required to get the Indicative Business Case for the Clarence Valley Access with several workshops held to get a shortlist of options for further assessment. A number of other statements of work are also now signed and underway. The RFP for the 3 water physical works (large capital works) panel closed on the 27th June with ten responses. The responses have been evaluated and a shortlist of three firms confirmed.

The detailed design of the following projects are now currently underway:

-          Lyell Creek

-          Aeration Lagoon

-          Fords Reservoir

-          Mackles Bore

-          Totara lane PS

Ocean Ridge detailed design remedial has been 100% delivered.

Proposed Road Stopping

A request was made by members of the public to have two portions of paper road closed – one on Dover Terrace and the other at the start of Cromer Street (from Ward Street).

Community Services

The community services update was to provide the Mayor and Councillors with an update on the overall Kaikōura community wellbeing. Top issues that have been identified in the community development space are fatigue and financial hardship. People are living with heightened stress – some of which is a result of financial hardship. The Outreach team has completed a total of 648 surveys in the community.

Over the next few months, tsunami evacuation signs will be erected in the Kaikōura township to educate the public about the tsunami evacuation zone and to help guide people during evacuations.  There was a community response plan meeting held for Kaikōura Flats at Suburban School on 4 July. The School has agreed to store the Community Emergency Hub box and Civil Defence radio for the Kaikōura Flats area.

The Library continues to be busy with hosting their various community groups and clubs.

Te Hā o Mātauranga - Learning in Kaikōura also continues to be busy with their groups, meets, events and clubs. They have a Community Expo coming up, which will provide an opportunity for community groups, clubs and initiatives to share what they have been up to, and what they have coming up.

Economic Recovery

The report submitted to Council had a statistics update on unemployment, GDP, total traffic flows, housing affordability and rental affordability. There were updates on the core transformational projects (airport & marina, walkways & cycle ways, sports & recreation, environmental projects, urban design) and the Provincial Growth Fund. Also Future Kaikōura, international visitor conservation and tourism levy & electronic travel authority, business association, ChristchurchNZ and ‘neat Places’. 

Responsible Camping Working Group

Council has expressed a desire to resolve Freedom Camping by summer 2018. It has been agreed that a working group will be established. The report submitted to this Council meeting was to confirm the members of the Responsible Camping Working Group (RCWG) – 4 nominations were received.


Got something to say?

Attendance at Council meetings is open to the public. We encourage those who would like take part in constructive conversations to come along. The next meeting will be on Wednesday 29th August in the Council Chambers.

Any member of the community can arrange to have a short speaking slot. (Note if you wish to speak, please email us at beforehand so we can make sure you have all the information you need).

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