Council Meetings Update

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Upcoming meeting agendas and information and a summary of last months meeting can be found below. 

October meetings

31st Council and Works and Services meetings (all day). The Council agenda includes; 

  • Responsible Camping – summer plan
  • Parking bylaw adoption
  • Swimming Pool Consultation – feedback on survey & next steps
  • Earthquake 2 Year anniversary events
  • Airport Report
  • Annual Report update
  • Business as usual updates: Regulatory & Building Update, Planning Update, Rebuild Update, Communications update, Community Services update, Economic Development Update 

The Council will also discuss the following papers during a public-excluded session. 

  • Natural Hazards
  • Financial Sustainability

The Works and Services agenda includes; 

  • Works and Services Report

  • State Highway Speed Limit Report    

Meetings are held in the Council Chambers, Civic Building, West End. 

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Got something to say?

The public are welcome to come to Council meetings,. 

Any member of the community can arrange to have a short speaking slot. If you wish to speak, please email us at beforehand so we can make sure you have all the information you need. 


Previous meeting summary 

As well as formal minutes, Council produces informal summaries of the meetings to help share key information about what happened. These summaries are not formal minutes and are not official council policy. 

September 2018 Council, Works and Services, and Finance, Audit and Risk meetings Summary

A short summary of the September meeting papers including; Annual Report, Finance Audit and Risk work plan, Debt Profile Report, Works and Services, Infrastructure Rebuild Report, Responsible Camping Report, Resource Consent Update, Regulatory Services Update, Community Services Update, Resource Management Act Delegation Update, Top 10 Holiday Park, Coastal Hazards and Climate Change Guidance, Appointment to Joint Governance Committee, Communications Report, 2017/2018 Residents and Ratepayers Satisfaction Survey, Native Planting, Economic Development Update

Finance, Audit and Risk

An update on Council debt profile was provided – can be found here As at 19 September, total borrowings are $3.31 million.

An update about the progress of the Annual Plan was received.

The Finance Audit and Risk workplan was tabled - can be found here

Works and Services

Council was asked to approve the procurement of ‘Adapt’ as the new asset management system. Roading - Downer submitted their proposed programme for September that has been reviewed and approved. The programme includes: General maintenance to depressions and potholes on NCTIR haul roads on the Kaikoura Flats Surface repairs on Esplanade Earthquake remedial works on Esplanade

During the month the following roads were addressed: Potholing: Red Swamp Rd, Ludstone Rd, Esplanade. Sweeping: Kowhai Ford, Red Swamp Grading: Skevingtons and completed first cycle on unsealed roads. Other: Wharekiri Stream Crossing

Drinking water: Water Safety Plans are required for each council managed water scheme. This status of work for all schemes is as follows: Oaro - approved Ocean Ridge - approved Kaikoura Urban – approved Kincaid – approved Peketa – approved Fernleigh – approved Kaikoura Suburban – approved East Coast Rural – on-hold pending discussions on future options A meeting has been arranged for 25 September between the East Coast Committee, Medical Officer of Health, Councillors, Staff and Council advisors to discuss the future options for management and operation of the scheme and the improvements required to achieve compliance and develop a WSP.

Building, parks and reserves: A replacement toilet and shower block for Jimmy Armers beach has been ordered. This is due to be commissioned before Christmas. Buildings Memorial Hall Detailed design is under way. Construction is scheduled to begin in the second quarter of 2019. Cuddon Building The building’s earthquake prone status is under review, to confirm the required scope and timing of physical works. Construction is still scheduled to begin in the second quarter of 2019.

Kaikoura Airport An application to CAA for approval of operational layout changes is being prepared. The contractor for repair of the terminal is preparing an offer for approval. Actions to get remedial works to Council’s hangar carried out have continued. A meeting of the parties and a set of practical actions have been proposed.

Waste management: Improvements to IWK’s site and operations are continuing. Site works are expected to commence in mid-October.

Horizontal Infrastructure Rebuild Programme (18 July)

Paddy Marshall is currently filling the role for Programme Director with additional support from Colin McGeever and the Professional Services panel.

Progress in the last month includes the following:

  • Receipt of Tenders and commencement of evaluations on the 5 Bridges Replacement Project
  • Delivery of the draft Detailed Design package for Lyell Creek WW
  • MCA Workshop for Clarence Valley Access, with the completion of the draft Business Case due on the 30th of September
  • Final Report for the assessment on the Minor Bridges
  • Draft Detailed Design for Ford Reservoir
  • Emergency works for the Clarence Valley Road Protection

There are a number of milestones to be completed in the next six weeks of the programme including:

  • Evaluation and award of the 5 Bridges Replacement Project
  • Final Design for Lyell Creek WW
  • Final Business Case for Clarence Valley Access

The report goes on to list all developments and projects in detail.

Community Services

The community services update covered roles currently being recruited, progress made by the Emergency management officer towards helping rural communities get ready for disasters, library, Te ha o matauranga and ‘All right?’ operational updates.

Resource Consent Update

This report provides a short summary of current consents.There are 17 non-notified consents currently being processed. There are no notified resource consents. 29, Bayview Street subdivision resource consent decision is before the environment Court after an unsuccessful mediation attempt on 2nd of August 2018.

Resource Management Act Delegation Update

Council updated its Resource Management Act Delegations Manual to reflect current job titles and change which have occurred to the Resource Management Act 1991, and make minor corrections to previous delegation.

Top 10 Holiday Park

Approval was sought from council for the building of 3 new units on a recreation reserve.

  • The reserve is at the Top 10 Holiday Park on Beach Road which Council is the administering body for.
  • Our lease with Top 10 prohibits the erection of any building without the prior consent in writing of the Minister for Conservation which is delegated down to full Council.

Economic Development

The report submitted to Council provided an update on economic development activities including:

  • Marine Centre of Excellence: $200,000 from Provincial Growth Fund was award to Kaikoura district council for a Project Manager. The project manager interviews are taking Friday 21 September 2018.
  • Airport and Marina: Airport Consultation is nearing completion. Report and feedback will be given by team at next council meeting. Marina/Harbour Consultation is currently being planned.
  • Walkways and Cycleways: The project is still in process for applying for funding for the project.
  • Sports and recreation: Meetings have occurred between Kaikoura District Council and the respective pool projects. Meetings will occur with Sports Tasman on 20 September. The reimagine Kaikoura data has been reanalysed in relation to exactly what the community desires are.
  • Environmental projects: Te Korowai is currently working on the UNESCO World Heritage status.
  • Urban Design: Meetings have been under taken in regards to the West End Ludstone Road intersection. New Zealand Transport Agency will review and come back with suggestions for that area which will then go out for community consultation.


The report provided an overview of recent communications and engagement activities and key statistics. Key focuses over this time period were the adoption of the 3 Year Plan, completing and analyzing the Satisfaction Survey, the rollout of website upgrades, promoting and supporting the pool survey, supporting dog control registrations and continuing to strengthen community engagement.

2017/18 Residents and Ratepayers Satisfaction Survey

The report provided insights gathered through the Resident/Ratepayer Satisfaction Survey 2018 and explain planned next steps. Overall our performance (42% satisfaction) is marginally lower than NZ average (46%). As a small Council that has faced significant post-earthquake challenges and workload, this result is very positive.

Native Planting Project

The Government has 4 priorities in the Statement of National Priorities for protecting Rare and Threatened Indigenous Biodiversity on Private Land, Priority 1 is to protect indigenous vegetation associated with land environments that have 20% or less remaining in indigenous cover. Map 1 attached below shows that the majority of Kaikoura is a National Priority 1 Environment. The Significant Natural Areas Program (which KDC is in the process of being re-started) is about trying to protect what is left, of which there is very little left due to the highly modified landscape of Kaikoura (particularly in the flats). This proposed Native Planting Project would be about adding to the little remaining habitat for native species, creating stepping stones to connect the mountains to the sea and bring bird life back to our township.

The proposed Native planting restoration project will provide a financial incentive (up to $1000 per project) to private landowners planting 1000m2 or more sized eco-sourced native plantings.

Coastal Hazards and Climate Change Guidance

The report was to Council of current best practice of dealing with asset management and changes in landuse in relation to Coastal Hazards and Climate Change.

Workshops were held by Ministry for the Environment (MfE) and council staff attended one of these workshops on 25th July 2018. The workshop addressed sea-level rise, climate-change and hazards assessments and Dynamic Adaptive Pathways Planning (DAPP). This report provides a brief overview of the direction of the workshop.

Appointment to Joint Governance Committee

 The purpose of this report is to recommend to Council that Council appoint Chris Wilson as a community member of the Joint Governance Management Committee.

Responsible Camping Report

This report sought to confirm:

  1. The term of reference for the responsible camping working group
  2. Group known and potential responsible camping site into three areas:
    1. Site unsuitable for responsible camping
    2. Site suitable for responsible camping
    3. Sites which are parked until strategies are developed avoid, remedy or mitigate potential effects.
    4. Responsible camping areas which should be promoted for the 2018/19 summer

The report also seeks to gain understanding from Council as to the level of service considered desirable for responsible camping sites promoted.

Regulatory Services Update

An update on regulatory services activities over the last year was provided including;

  • The afterhours noise control service has dealt with 5 noise complaints in the last 6 months.
  • Approximately 1116 dogs have been registered
  • Since February 2018 14 dogs bhave been impounded for various offences
  • 4 dogs were declared menacing. The dog owners voluntarily had those dogs euthanized.  
  • 206 infringements were issued for the West End car park for failure to display.
  • 6 months 3 abandoned cars in our district have been dealt with
  • A desktop-audit of AirBnB accommodation has been completed to allow council to understand the likely scope of any non-complaint premises and decided how to approach these.

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