Council Meeting Summary

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Council Meeting Summary

August 29 2018

A short summary of the meeting on 29th August which included; reports from the finance team, works and services (BAU), rebuild infrastructure, a proposed traffic bylaw, the representation review, mana whakahono a rohe, road stopping, residents and ratepayers satisfaction survey, native planting report, kiwa road restoration proposal (public entry), community services, resource consent update, Top 10 holiday park, lyell creek and beach clean up and the Kaikoura Youth Council.

You can also access full agendas and reports here.


As at 31 July, total borrowings are $3.26 million, cash on hand is $3.9 million. 44% of Council revenue is sourced from user fees and charges, 23% from grants and subsidies, 31% from General rates and water metre charges. 

Financial delegations were updated. A report about the progress of the Annual Plan was received.

Works and Services

Council was asked to approve the procurement of ‘Adapt’ as the new asset management system. Adapt will allow Council staff to better manage assets by enabling effective collection and collation of information on asset performance, condition and maintenance needs. It will integrate with other Council systems.

Adapt had been chosen after a thorough procurement process including due diligence visits to two other Councils who are already using the system,

Horizontal Infrastructure Rebuild Programme (18 July)

The main focus since last reporting period has been continued detailed design and tender for the three waters capital projects.

The 5 bridges replacement package is currently out to market. Evaluation of responses will be complete by the 3rd week of September. The Lyell Creek sewer consent has been lodged with ECAN. Rebuild staff met with Lyell Creek property owners and tenants to discuss the sewer project and what it means for them.

The Rebuild Director’s last day at Council is Friday August 31st. No permanent replacement has yet been found, interim arrangements are in place. 

Traffic Bylaw proposed

A new traffic bylaw has been drafted. The bylaw will be out for public consultation from September 6 to October 6.

As a road controlling authority the Council has the responsibility for managing the safe and efficient use of the District’s local roading network and other public places where vehicles or other traffic requires management. The Council is proposing to adopt a new bylaw to control parking and vehicular or other traffic on roads and other places under the control and management of Council. The bylaw replaces the previous Kaikoura District (Traffic Control) Bylaw 1995 and the Kaikoura District Council Speed Limits Bylaw 2005 which have been revoked by the current local government legislation. The proposed bylaw would allow Council, by resolution, to control and manage the road space including parking, stopping and waiting, speed limits, traffic movement, use of the road, protection of berms and road damage. Such that traffic movement and parking is both efficient and safe.

The proposed bylaw covers the following issues

  • Establishment and enforcement of parking controls
  • Restriction of vehicles for sale on roads
  • Restriction of stopping and waiting through traffic controls
  • One way streets, restricting turning movements and special vehicle lanes
  • Shared zones
  • Events and other temporary use of the road
  • Road crossings
  • Speed limits
  • Damage to roads and storage of materials on roads

Representation review

To recommend the formal adoption of the Council’s Initial Proposal for representation arrangements for the 2019 and 2022 elections and that the proposal be distributed for public consultation.

Community Services

The community services update was to provide the Mayor and Councillors with an update on the overall Kaikōura community wellbeing. Top issues include at least 8 local families unable to remain in Kaikōura due to lack of accommodation as not successful with rental accommodation, many residents living with heightened stress, tired and not coping well  The Outreach team has completed a total of 700 surveys in the community.

Civil defence: Five members of staff participated in the Introduction to the Emergency Operation Centre (EOC) training in August. Susanne Syme had indicated she no longer wished to be the local controller but would remain a deputy controller. Council to approve Will Doughty as local controller. The monitoring system put in place by the New Zealand Transport Agency on the Hapuku landslide dam has failed. The risk from the dam has significantly reduced for a variety of reasons so NZTA will not replace this system.

The Library continues to be busy with hosting their various community groups and clubs.

The violence free network and red cross provided an update.

Resource Consent Update

This report provides a short summary of current consents. Planning staff are currently working with Mahaanui Kurataiao Ltd (MKT) to determine how we best given effect to a statutory responsibility.

Mana Whakahono ā Rohe:

Under the Resource Legislation Amendment Act 2017, changes have been made to Maori participation in the Resource Management Act 1991 (RMA). Formerly Iwi Participation Arrangements (IPAs) are now referred to as Mana Whakahono a Rohe (MWR). The report provided a  understanding of the process involved with MWR’s.

The most suitable option is for Te Rūnanga o Ngāi Tahu to initiate a MWR should they choose to. If MWR was to be initiated it would occur in partnership with Te Rūnanga o Ngāi Tahu (Iwi Authority) and Te Rūnanga O Kaikōura (Papatipu Runanga). Once the process has been initiated KDC can work with Ngāi Tahu to ensure the requirements of legislation are met and council’s relationships are enhanced and improved.

Ngāi Tahu is currently working on developing a process which could be replicated throughout Canterbury. Ngāi Tahu has 24 Council within its rohe (area of control). Having a consistent approach will assist the Kaikōura District Council. A number of discussions will be required before a formal process is agreed to, as once the process is triggered it needs to be finalized within 18 months.

New National Planning Standards – How it affects our District Plan Change

Ministry for the Environment (MfE) are developing new National Planning Standards to make Council plans and policy statements under the RMA faster to prepare and easier for plan users to understand, compare and comply with. A submission on behalf of Canterbury Councils’ (driven by Timaru and Ashburton District Councils) is being prepared, KDC has the opportunity to contribute to this.

Proposed Road Stopping – S Young, Hapuku

A request has been received from Mr S. Young for the advancement on an earlier road stopping application adjacent to his land at Hapuku Road. An additional adjacent section of land has been requested by Mr Young to be included in the application. The Council’s approval is sought.

Resource Management Act Delegations Update

The purpose of this report is for Council to update its Resource Management Act Delegations Manual to reflect current job titles and change which have occurred to the Resource Management Act 1991, and make minor corrections to previous delegation.

Top 10 Holiday Park- New Units Seek Approval

To gain approval from council for the building of 3 new units on a recreation reserve. · The reserve is at the Top 10 Holiday Park on Beach Road which Council is the administering body for. · Our lease with Top 10 prohibits the erection of any building without the prior consent in writing of the Minister for Conservation which is delegated down to full Council. It was recommended that Council approve this request so that Kaikoura can continue to provide a mix of visitor accommodation - in parts of the town already used for accommodation.

Economic Development

The report submitted to Council provided an update on economic development activities and sought council approval to submit a registration of interest for the NCTIR village.


The report provided an overview of recent communications and engagement activities and key statistics. Key focuses over this time period were the adoption of the 3 Year Plan, completing and analyzing the Satisfaction Survey, the rollout of website upgrades, promoting and supporting the pool survey, supporting dog control registrations and continuing to strengthen community engagement.

2017/18 Residents and Ratepayers Satisfaction Survey

The report provided insights gathered through the Resident/Ratepayer Satisfaction Survey 2018 and explain planned next steps. Overall our performance (42% satisfaction) is marginally lower than NZ average (46%). As a small Council that has faced significant post-earthquake challenges and workload, this result is very positive.

Native Planting Project

The Government has 4 priorities in the Statement of National Priorities for protecting Rare and Threatened Indigenous Biodiversity on Private Land, Priority 1 is to protect indigenous vegetation associated with land environments that have 20% or less remaining in indigenous cover. Map 1 attached below shows that the majority of Kaikoura is a National Priority 1 Environment. The Significant Natural Areas Program (which KDC is in the process of being re-started) is about trying to protect what is left, of which there is very little left due to the highly modified landscape of Kaikoura (particularly in the flats). This proposed Native Planting Project would be about adding to the little remaining habitat for native species, creating stepping stones to connect the mountains to the sea and bring bird life back to our township.

The proposed Native planting restoration project will provide a financial incentive (up to $1000 per project) to private landowners planting 1000m2 or more sized eco-sourced native plantings.

Proposed Kiwa Road Native Restoration Project

Korey Gibson, with the support of Kiwa road residents, has put forward a proposal for a Native restoration project on KDC road reserve along Kiwa Road, “the return of Kiwa Road to its former native self”.

Lyell Creek & Beach Clean Up – IWK Rubbish/Recycling pick up & disposal

Love the Lyell is organising a Beach/Lyell Creek clean-up from 10am-12pm on Wednesday 12th of September to coincide with Keep New Zealand Beautiful (KNZB) Week. Invitations have been sent to the local schools, lions, forest & bird, CCS School, ladies lions, University of Canterbury, surfers and KDC staff. The clean-up will cover the beach north and south of the Lyell Creek mouth and both sides of Lyell Creek.

Kaikōura Youth Council Report

Notified the Council of the work and recent activities of the Kaikōura Youth Council

Got something to say?

Attendance at Council meetings is open to the public. We encourage those who would like take part in constructive conversations to come along. The next meeting will be on Wednesday 29th August in the Council Chambers.

Any member of the community can arrange to have a short speaking slot. (Note if you wish to speak, please email us at beforehand so we can make sure you have all the information you need).

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