Annual Plan 2019/2020

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The Annual Plan 2019/2020 was adopted by Council in late June with an average rates increase of approximately 11%. 

During consultation a total of 63 submissions were received, raising around 200 points for Council to consider. Clear themes included:

  •  a preference for Council to join the Local Government Funding Agency (LGFA)
  • for the new swimming pool to be built at the Scarborough Street South recreation reserve
  • for Council to support greater public education and monitoring of freedom camping sites.

There was a high level of interest in the use of the old Council building as a community space. Council staff have been asked to investigate the options and come back to Council with a plan for the future that shows what it would cost to make the building safe and usable, how community use could be funded and work both short and long term and the costs or benefits of any alternatives. I expect more information to be available in the near future.

Many conversations focused on waste management, recycling, our landfill and our environment. This will be a core strategic priority project for Council this year. With only 2.5 years left before the landfill runs out of space, town bins and rural recycling stations being abused and a period of growth and development expected for our district, action is needed this year in all of these areas. 

Council provided for $500,000 this year for design work on a solution to the landfill, the total cost of which could be upwards of $2 million. An additional $55,000 has also been budgeted to improve bins and recycling stations.
Both these projects will be part of the new waste minimisation strategy that is expected to be in place by mid 2020. 


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