Earth-quake prone priority buildings

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New Zealand is more prone to earthquakes than some other parts of the world. In recent years earthquake events have led to a review by Government of how we can best manage and lower the risk to public safety that is currently posed by certain buildings if an earthquake were to occur.

The Kaikōura District Council is seeking public feedback on the identification of a priority thoroughfare – this is a route or routes that have sufficient vehicular or pedestrian traffic to justify prioritisation, if a part of a [an unreinforced masonry] was to fall on them in an earthquake.

To make our communities safer council has already identified what are called Priority Buildings. Now we are asking for your feedback on the priority thoroughfare we have identified. Once the route has been confirmed as a priority route some buildings along this route may then be identified as a priority building, and Council will issue an earthquake prone building notice to building owners as soon as possible.

Owners of these priority buildings will be required to take action in half the time that other owners of earthquake prone buildings have. Affected building owners will be contacted by the Council.

Download the Consultation Document here.

Consultation period closes 23 June.

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2 June 2021