Earthquake Recovery Committee Meeting 11 April 2018

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A short summary of the meeting on 11 April covering updates on social recovery, economic recovery, horizontal infrastructure and community facilities and waste project.

Below is a short summary of each paper - note these are not official minutes. You can read the full agenda and report here.


Social Recovery: 

 - As at 4th April 2018, the Outreach team had completed 450 surveys. 
 - The opening of the temporary accommodation village in Kaikōura is planned for Saturday April 28th and they will be available to people while their homes (owned or rented) are being repaired.
 - Close to 600 of the almost 1300 claims paid and reimbursed by EQC to insurers to date are over $50,000, with a push to get the remaining claims in the Kaikōura region settled as soon as possible. 
 - Lots of community groups are regularly using the Library as their location.  -   - The public can now have access to Ancestry - Library Edition, with weekly sessions on offer to those interested in family history. 
 - A round up of Ex-Cyclone Gita was provided in the Civil Defence report. 
 - The All Right? campaign in Kaikōura has research on where wellbeing in Kaikōura is at - will be released in May. 
 - Te Hā o Mātauranga have secured funding for a full time youth development worker. Lots of ongoing projects being supported by Te Hā.


Economic recovery: A summary of Kaikōura's Economic development vs. growth, with some information on industries. Three key areas in Kaikōura need to be assessed (healthcare, education and information media), as these are essential to the community and are larger employers of local staff. These industries can support growth whilst taking care of the current community across all demographics. 


Infrastructure and Community Facilities: Work has been ongoing towards the establishment of the contractual agreements for the professional services panel and the allocation of design packages for approximately $10.3M worth of capital works. Another $7.3M (capital value) is being tendered within the 2 x panel members in order to ensure value for money objectives are achieved. Work is also ongoing to get a Request for Proposal (RFP) for physical works for bridges and large scale three waters out to market in April.  


Waste Project: Funding for the waste project (asbestos testing and hazardous chemical removal) is limited. 97 properties are currently listed with the program.


Got something to say?

Attendance at the EQ Recovery Committee meetings is open to the public. We encourage those who would like take part in constructive conversations about Kaikoura’s EQ recovery to come along. The next meeting will be on Wednesday 9th May from 09:00am in the Council Chambers.