Earthquake Recovery Committee Feb 14

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A short summary of the meeting on 14th February,  covering social recovery, housing, economic recovery and the infrastructure and Council owned facilities rebuild update. Below is a short summary of each paper - note these are not official minutes. You can also read the full agenda and reports here.

Housing: The housing report highlighted Kaikoura's immediate need for more housing assistance (both buildings and planning). It is essential for data and information on housing needs to be collated to show the big picture and enable a case to be made to wider organisations for assistance.

The low number of insurance claims settled to date (44%) continues to be the source of concern from multiple angles included social recovery. With the establishment of the Housing and Insurance meeting, we are hoping this can help push and advocate for more support for housing into the right places.

Economic: The economic report reviewed “The Hospo Project: Feeding the Village People” which was an initiative started post-quake to assist the feeding of the NCTIR recovery staff. It was highlighted that this not only helped from a financial standpoint, but also wellbeing-especially for the workers, who felt a sense of belonging in Kaikoura as a result of the project. The working together of local businesses helped form industry cohesiveness and create relationships between businesses (not just Kaikoura’s hospitality industry, but also NCTIR and Compass too).

Horizontal Infrastructure: Risk management and financial reviews were included in the report, with identification of where the public’s interest lies. 2018 is shaping up to be a big year for infrastructure rebuild, with the various agencies working together to focus on the development of Kaikoura.

Council-Owned Facilities: Work on the pool continues, applications are being made to the Lotteries fund for work on the Memorial Hall and replacement of the Takahanga public tennis court.

Got something to say?

Attendance at the EQ Recovery Committee meetings is open to the public. We encourage those who would like take part in constructive conversations about Kaikoura’s EQ recovery to come along. The next meeting will be on Wednesday 14th March from 09:00am in the Council Chambers.