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Kaikoura Mayoral Earthquake Relief Fund Applications for Emergency Help is Open

The Kaikoura District Council is accepting applications for financial help for those experiencing hardship as a result of the earthquake and who are or were a resident in the Kaikoura district on 14 November 2016.

This is a one-off hardship grant, with priority given to;
(1) essentials for daily life
(2) extra financial burden or costs due to the earthquake
(3) costs not covered by insurance or other funds, such as WINZ support

The Mayoral Earthquake Relief Fund will remain open, and hardship grants will be assessed and paid out monthly, until further notice. Hardship grants will be paid directly into the successful applicant’s nominated bank account before the end of each month. Hardship grants will generally be about $500 per household, but the actual amount paid may vary according to needs.

Please use the application form provided on this page, and return it to the Kaikoura District Council, or drop it in to the Council Office, Level 2, 96 Esplanade, Kaikoura.


Kaikoura Mayoral Earthquake Relief Fund - Fact sheet 

Kaikoura Mayoral Earthquake Relief Fund - Application For Funding Form