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You Must Boil Your Water if you are on Suburban, Peketa, East Coast, Fernleigh & Oaro Water Supply!!!!!!

Boil water notice is still in place for the SUBURBAN, PEKETA, EAST COAST, FERNLEIGH & OARO water supply until further notice (Dated 15/3/2017)

For health and safety reasons if you are on the any of these water supplies please revert to boiling all your water.

If you have any questions please ring Innovative Waste Kaikoura on 033197148.

The boil water notice has been lifted for the following water supplies;

• Kincaid
• Ocean Ridge
• Kaikoura Township

Being able to lift the boil water notice on these supplies before Christmas has been a significant achievement.

There are a few properties that will still need to boil their water and our engineers will contact those affected directly.

Some of the actions taken that have allowed the boil water notice to be lifted include:

o Increasing the amount of chlorine in drinking water. While this increase may have a slight effect on the taste of the water, it has made it safer to drink. Further infrastructure improvements will allow chlorine levels to be reduced over time

o Commitment to increasing the frequency of drinking water supply sampling for the next two months

o Investment in new infrastructure, including replacing the temporary above ground pipes with wider pipes to improve water flow.

If you are returning to, or staying at, a house which hasn’t been occupied since the quakes inspect your water pipes and tanks for any damage. To remove water that hasn’t been adequately treated from your system it’s important to run your water for 10 minutes and flush toilets.

The boil water notice remains in place for all other water supplies not listed above.

Please continue to boil your water until you’re informed by the Council that the boil water notice is no longer in place.

People with their own private water supplies are being urged to look for any obvious signs of damage to pipes and bore heads, and ensure their supply has been tested for the presence of bacteria by an IANZ accredited lab since the quakes.

It is good practice for those on private water supplies to test these quarterly, after heavy rainfall, and following significant earthquakes.



The sewer is still vulnerable to rainfall and aftershocks and will remain this way for some time. When these events occur there should be absolutely minimal use of the network, so the contributions from the water supply into the sewer network need to be reduced.

We’d like to thank all residents who have been restricting their water usage. Your co-operation has been appreciated. If you are back for a short time, please try to protect our environment.


Boat ramps

Due to damage the access to these is reduced while work is occurring. As the nature of the reinstatement work will change on a day to day basis; signs will be on site informing of directions on which ramps can be use. Please be aware that the water channels have changed and that you need to closely observe the new position of shoals and rock outcrops .

The latest updates on the recovery process are available here or latest on our Facebook page


 Access update

NZTA opens State Highway 1 south from Kaikoura during daylight hours

Great news - from today (21 December 2016) NZTA has reopened the State Highway 1 south of Kaikoura. Night time restrictions will apply until all slip faces have been stabilised and traffic signals installed.

Kaikoura Inland Route 70 is open for unrestricted 24/7 travel.

For full details and exact timings of restrictions please check the NZTA website for the latest travel information for the region.