Economic Development Update

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Council is now providing free access to economic analysis and forecasts through an Infometrics service.

The goal is to help local businesses and those who may be looking to invest in our district understand the economic forces which affect their businesses or organisations. The information also helps inform Council’s planning, policy, and strategic decisions and may also be of interest to our community, schools and NGO’s for research projects or planning how to deliver their services. 

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Council believes the service will help Council measure and understand the District's economic performance. This includes evaluating overall effects of a post-quake economic activity, strengthening data based decision making processes within the Council and business community and comparing Kaikoura's performance against NZ as a whole. 

Preliminary findings:

  • Central government assistance provided significant stimulus over the last 18 months, leading to a lift in key indicators like district GDP and average income. This situation will continue in 2019
  • Several key indicators show positive growth; including Population up 3.0% and standard of living up by 8.5%
  • Overall Kaikoura District economy is in good position to begin sustained growth within the next 1-2 years
  • Employment overall and small business sector in particular remain under pressure
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February 04 2019