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I’d like to start this weeks Mayoral Column with an acknowledgement to our younger generation and a shout out to two young girls from Suburban School.

Rosa and Amelia took it upon themselves to clear up rubbish along the roadside that had flown out of a trailer last week. It really heartened me to see our young people noticing their surroundings, and taking action to care for our environment. With kids like that in charge I reckon the future is looking good. 

I recently attended a 3 Waters Reform meeting in Christchurch. While there are still no definite steps to deliver the next stage of the government reforms - here in Kaikōura we are making the most of the first stage of the water reform programme. 

The Suburban Scheme was hooked up to the Kaikōura Urban water scheme bores and treatment plant on Mount Fyffe Road last week. This will lift the quality of the drinking water and ensure that residents on the Suburban water scheme do not have dirty water after heavy rains. Good news for residents that have been affected by this since the 2016 earthquakes. 

As part of the Long Term Plan, the team at Council are developing a 30yr Infrastructure Strategy that looks at the assets the Council own, and when they may need to be replaced or renewed in the future. We are required to include roading, footpaths, water supply, wastewater and storm water in this document. 

The 30yr Infrastructure Strategy is a large piece of work, not made easy by the fact that Kaikōura District Council does not have a current plan. There is some good news in there, with all the work done after the earthquakes and our successful $40M Council Rebuild we’re in pretty good shape.

Much of the very early water infrastructure has been replaced, and the remainder of the pipe infrastructure from the 1950’s and 1980’s shouldn’t need any major renewal work until the late 2060’s and 2070’s. This is a much better position than many Councils throughout New Zealand. It’s also great to have this knowledge of our assets on record as we plan for the future.  

Take care and see you out there.

Craig Mackle


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30 March 2021