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One of the highlights from last week’s Council meeting was hearing that the construction of the replacement for Hawthorne Road bridge is expected to start by May. The bridge is the first of a package of 5 to get underway, together they have a total estimated cost of $4million. Thanks to funding from NZTA, Council’s share of the cost is just 10%. To ensure safety and provide for future growth, Hawthorne Road, Rorrisons Road and Evans Road bridges will be replaced with two lane bridges (not the original one lane), a pedestrian footpath will also be added to Hawthorne Bridge. All five bridges (Hawthorne, Rorrisons Road, Gillings Lane, Fyffe Road, Evans Bridge and Scotts Road) will be complete by February 2020.


Council also received an update from the Pool Working Group. The working group was formed in December 2018  to review all the information and work done to date, identify any other options, agree how community fundraising and other funding could work and how long it may take.

The Working Group includes Councillor Craig Mackle, community members Murray Lassen and Toni Batey, sports group representatives John Diver, Mark Fissenden and myself, Rūnanga member Darran Kerei-Keepa and Youth Council member Petra Jellyman. An independent financial consultant Dave Foster will also be reviewing all options and figures to help the working group with its decisions.

At their first meeting, the group agreed that a pool should aim to caters for all ages, be used all year round, be open as soon as possible, be affordable to build and run, be designed for the future and take into account the needs of the Kaikōura community for the next 50 years. Based on these ideas, the working group agreed that, regardless of what the finished design may look like, a staged build may be considered if it is the quickest way to get a community pool built and open. Stage 1 would likely be a modern outdoor facility similar to the Lions pool. Stages 2, 3, and so on, could then include a roof or cover, additional amenities or sports facilities. The working group understands that building the pool in this way will help maximise the external funding that can be applied for . It may not be ideal, but in a community of our size we have to balance what we’d like to build against what we’re able to pay for and it may be that a staged build is a best way to spread costs out. 

The working group will continue meeting and developing ideas for the next two months then provide a final report to Council in late March. If you have any ideas to share or would like more information about the pool, please get in touch with any of the members.


In another step forward, Council is now providing access to economic analysis and forecasts through an informetrics service. The goal is to help local businesses and those who may be looking to invest in our district understand the economic forces which affect their businesses or organisations. The information will help inform Council’s planning, policy, and strategic decisions and may also be of interest to our community, schools and NGO’s for research projects or planning how to deliver their services. You can find the service under the Economic Development page on our website. 



Monday 04 February


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