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Two years ago our district was left shaken by the magnitude 7.8 earthquake and its' aftershocks. From physical changes like the uplift of the land and changes to rivers and waterways, to people changes as Kaikōura welcomed many new residents both short and long term, to economic changes with businesses encountering new challenges and spotting new opportunities, the last two years has changed Kaikōura .

Over the coming years things will continue to change as land settles, people put down roots or move on and businesses make the most of our ‘new normal’. Council has its’ part to play, supporting our community, delivering our infrastructure and community facilities rebuild, deciding on a way forward for our swimming pool, doing what we can for those who continue to be affected by natural hazards, planning for the future of Innovative Waste and the resource recovery centre, continuing to grow our economic development services and making sure we do our utmost to keep services improving and costs down.

There’s a lot to do but for now, Council is proud to be a small part of marking the anniversary. This month’s events are a chance to spend time with friends, families and neighbours. I hope everyone finds time for the things and the people you care about.

Alongside the challenges and heartbreak of the last two years, the earthquake has left us a legacy of achievements big and small. In their short time here the NCTIR team have moved millions of metres of earth, rebuilt our road and rail link and won a global engineering award. Locals who have worked on the project have not only had a chance to be part of one of the most complex, fast-moving, innovative infrastructure project in New Zealand's history, they have also been part of a team of thousands of people who have given our district back it's transport lifeline and, in the process, changed Kaikōura  forever. Many of them have learned skills and acquired stories that will stay with them for many years to come.

A smaller, but nonetheless important, achievement was the recent successful application by Council for $700,000 of funding from central government to help us repair and strengthen the memorial hall. I look forward to seeing how this funding is used to breathe new life into one of our district's most iconic buildings and most popular community spaces.

The smallest, but for many of our young people no doubt the most important, achievement in recent weeks is the completion of the new swimming pontoon for Gooches beach. Thank you to the community members, Council and Environment Canterbury staff who have had a hand in this project. Community members have spent hours and hours of their free time and energy fundraising, planning and building the pontoon - for them I know their reward will be seeing the pontoon in use and I'm sure it'll quickly become a favourite summer spot for residents and visitors.

With so much to celebrate, remember and learn this month I look forward to seeing many of you over the next few weeks at any of the dozens of meetings, events and activities on offer across our community - starting with our Community Picnic at Churchill Park at 5pm on Wednesday 14th - come for a free sausage, stay for the company.



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Updated 5 November 2018