From the Mayor

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Getting around the district I can feel the tension, and it’s all COVID uncertainty.  Delta is coming and the key to stopping the tide is getting vaccinated.

The 90% target is not going to be easy.  Kaikōura made great progress – thanks to the Health Centre team and all those supporting them.  Now it’s even more important to get as many as we can across the line.  It is a choice.  But it’s a choice that has serious consequences. 

The main danger is COVID’s impact on people’s health, and the pressure that will put on local and regional health services.  And the latest stats show Delta’s not just for the elderly, it’s also affecting 20 to 40 year old’s and children. 

COVID is impacting on our businesses and jobs. Those of you who have not got the jabs yet because you been busy, please make it top priority.  If you are hesitating, please get advice from the likes of the Health Centre people, the restrictions that will apply to the unvaccinated are becoming much clearer.

Let’s do our part, let’s support each other.

Craig Mackle

28 October 2021


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