Civil Defence Update

Hapuku 10am

Civil Defence Update 9: Emergency Operations Centre Standing Down

The rain is easing across the District.  While some surface flooding remains, water levels are now abating. The localised flooding in the Kaikoura Flats Suburban Area resulting in local road closures.  People should take care.

If you feel unsafe, you should self-evacuate, do not wait to be told.

If you need to evacuate, organise to stay with friends or family. If you cannot stay with friends and family, go to Takahanga Marae on Takahanga Terrace.  The Marae will be attended overnight.

The Kaikoura Information Centre, I-site has confirmed accommodation for 12 people is available within the district at commercial visitor accommodation.

Self-contained campers should continue to avoid low lying areas, waterfront and rivers environs.  Self-contained campers should park at Churchill Park if they cannot relocate to Holiday Parks.

Both SH1, in both directions and SH70 closed there is currently no information on when it will reopen.

Kaikoura’s Emergency Operations Centre in the District Council building is currently planning to monitor overnight but the centre will not be manned.

All residents and visitors are advised to stay inside and keep themselves up to date through Metservice and the Council website/facebook.

If life or property is threatened, call 111.  Emergency services will contact the Kaikoura’s Emergency Operations Centre if re-activation is required.


Rain is easing.  Wind may still be expected.

Severe south easterlies gales gusting to 120 km/h or more in exposed places can be expected until 3am Wednesday morning.

High tide was at 9.23pm tonight, combine with the high winds and rainfall, there is an increased chance of large waves or coastal inundation in some low lying areas.

Advice for residents and visitors:

All residents and visitors are advised to:

-         Stay informed the weather updates, check the latest information from Metservice

-         Stay informed about the Civil Defence response through the Council Facebook page or website.

-         Stay indoors. Avoid going outside, travelling or driving unless absolutely necessary.

-         Avoid travelling through all surface flooding

-         Be aware that rivers and waterways may quickly rise or flood.


-         all freedom campers (including vehicles) in coastal areas should move inland to higher ground. If you are in a paid site/accommodation check with the accommodation provider to ensure you know if/when action is to be taken.

-         Secure, or move indoors, all items that could get blown about and cause harm in strong winds.

-         Close windows, external and internal doors. Pull curtains and drapes over unprotected glass areas to prevent injury from shattered or flying glass.

-         If the wind becomes destructive, stay away from doors and windows and shelter further inside the house.

-  Power cuts are possible in severe weather. Unplug small appliances which may be affected by electrical power surges. If power is lost unplug major appliances to reduce the power surge and possible damage when power is restored.

-   Bring pets inside. Move stock to shelter. If you have to evacuate, take your pets with you.

-   Put your emergency plan into action including checking on friends and family and checking your getaway kit in case you have to leave in a hurry.

- New World Supermarket is well stocked and will open at 7.30am on 21 February 2018.



-         SH1 is closed North and South of Kaikoura due to slip, rock fall and swell risks.

-         Route 70 (the Inland Road) is now closed.

-         Current surface flooding includes Postmans Road and some areas of Mount Fyffe Road.

-         Ramsgate Street, Torquay Street and Toms Track are closed.

-         The Wharekiri stream access to the Clarence Valley is closed.

-         Kiwa Road has been restricted to resident access only, and freedom campers have been advised to move on.

-         Warning signs are in place for Blue Duck and Puhi Puhi Roads and access may become restricted to residents only.

Rivers and water systems:

The sewer network is performing well, however we expect it may overflow into Lyell Creek at peak rainfall times.

Some of our drinking water supplies are vulnerable to heavy rains. The Kincaid supply is expected to shut down and run on storage for up to 5 days - residents should use water wisely so that the storage doesn't run out. East Coast, Suburban and Ocean Ridge remain on boil water notices and may experience high turbidity (cloudiness) as the weather passes through.


The new wharf area on Wakatu Quay and part of the Old Fyffe Wharf beside Fyffe House (north of Jimmy Armers) is closed.

 What’s being done?

Council is working with Police, Fire and Emergency, St Johns, DOC, NZTA and local road and infrastructure contractors to make sure all necessary arrangements are in place. We’re working to contact and provide advice to all campers, ensure accommodation providers, schools, local businesses and residents have the information they need to make informed decisions. 

Accommodation providers are advised to keep themselves up to date with the latest forecasts and to take the advice of Civil Defence and emergency services. Providers whose accommodation is in areas vulnerable to flooding or storm surges should ensure appropriate plans are in place for yourselves and your guests.

After the weather has passed, as soon as it is safe to do so we'll have clean up teams out and about. Please bear with us in the meantime.

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