Have your say on our Draft Annual Plan

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Consultation on our Draft Annual Plan 2017/18 is now open.

The Consultation document is available here. Please note, meeting dates in this document are incorrect. The correct dates are shown below.

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CEO Angela Oosthuizen said, “the Consultation Document and the Draft Annual Plan 2017/18 outline Council’s plans for the next 12 months. They are a snapshot of where we are now, the decisions we need to make and the work we intend to get done over the next year.”

“This consultation is a chance for all Kaikoura residents to have their say about what we should be doing, both now and in the future.”

The damage to Council infrastructure, property and community facilities caused by the November 2016 earthquakes was extensive. As a result, Council plans and priorities have changed significantly. Priorities for the coming year, as outlined in the Draft Plan, are:

  1. Economic development; supporting local businesses through the ‘third winter’ by providing and facilitating advice and supporting access to grants and funding.
  2. The earthquake rebuild; restoring water, wastewater and stormwater systems and repairing roads throughout the District.
  3. Community development; ensuring community outreach and support services are delivered at the required level across our District.
  4. Protecting our environment; carefully managing earthquake-generated waste, reviewing the impact of the quake on all Kaikoura’s natural hazards and the risks they pose.
  5. Planning for the future; getting all the systems, processes and resources in place to ensure Kaikoura’s long-term recovery

Mayor Winston Gray said, “the Annual Planning process is a critical part of our District’s recovery and rebuild. Council has to carefully manage its finances and workload to achieve the best it can for residents and ratepayers in the long term.”

“We have to make sure the Recovery Plan, the Annual Plan 2017/18 and the Long Term Plan 2015-2025 work together to create a roadmap for our District. Everyone who lives here should read the Consultation document and tell Council what they think – our plans, and our District will be much stronger if everyone gets involved.”

Consultation will run from Friday 19th May until 4pm Tuesday 20th June.  Feedback can be submitted at any time in writing via email or post.

Consultation will include the following community meetings:

  • Wednesday 31st May, 5.30pm-7.30pm,  Memorial Hall, Kaikoura
  • Tues 6th June 7pm-9pm, Lynton Downs School, Inland Road.
  • Wednesday 7th June, 2pm-4pm, Goose Bay Fire Shed, Makura Road, Goose Bay
  • Tues 13th June, 2pm – 4pm, Kekerengu Hall, Kekerengu

Council will hear from anyone who wishes to speak at hearings on June 26th. The final Annual Plan will be adopted on June 30th.

The Draft Annual Plan Consultation Document, full Draft Plan and supporting financials can be found here or can be requested by contacting the council on 03 319 6280.