Housing in Kaikoura


Right now there’s a shortage of housing and accommodation in our District. Some of this is earthquake related, with around 50 properties now uninhabitable, some of it is seasonal as workers return for the summer and some of it is because our District population is estimated to be 30% bigger than it was pre-earthquake.

Kaikoura has never has a large amount of spare houses and has a history of slow population growth. So this kind of housing shortage is a relatively new problem for our District.

Although there’s no easy solution, we’re doing what we can to help and make sure we have all the information we need to make the best decisions we can.

Find out what's being done, and where you can get help 

Register with us:

We’re asking anyone with any accommodation needs, permanent or temporary to register with us. We don’t have houses to offer but we’ll do what we can to help and, by us having an accurate idea of how many people need housing, we can work better on your behalf with Central Government and others to try to find an answer.

  • Register online: click here!
  • Register over the phone: 027 566 3064
  • Get more information: visit the team on the first floor of the Civic Building or email arlene@kdc.govt.nz 

Drop-in workshop:

We’re holding a workshop to help find creative solutions that work for everybody and to make sure that those in need are getting all the help we can offer. If you need somewhere to live or if you’ve got ideas about what could be done –this is for you.

No one person or organisation has the answers, and there are legal, financial and practical limits to what Councils and Governments can do, but we want to work with you to get the full picture and do what we can.

Chat with some of Council’s Social Recovery team, Building and Regulatory teams as well as MBIE and NCTIR staff about what help is out there, residents rights as renters and ratepayers, the rules and regulations around things like tiny homes or mobile homes and help with other ideas or questions.

When: Monday 6th November 3pm-6pm.

Where: Memorial Hall

Email us for more information