Housing Update


Housing remains tight throughout Kaikoura with many people in search of a home.  

In early November we held a workshop to help connect those with housing needs with support services, answer questions and collect ideas from the community about what could and should be done.  Around 35 people came through, providing us with lots of ideas and feedback. This article answers the questions people asked and provides helpful information.  

If you've got feedback or questions about the housing issue please email it to libby@kaikoura.govt.nz 

What happens now:

Council is working on connecting everyone who’s registered with us with all the help we know about. We’re also:

  • Continuing to ask people to register with us, and all the other support services so that we have an accurate idea about what’s going on.
  • Meeting regularly with Ministry of Business Innovation and Employment,  Ministry of Social Development, Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet, Department of Internal Affairs, NCTIR and others to coordinate central and local efforts to solve the problem. 
  • Reaching out to homeowners who might not live here by letter, through Air BnB and other holiday rental sites to encourage them to rent out their houses if they’re not using them.
  • Looking at our rules and regulations to see if there are ways to make things easier for those looking at building/rebuilding
  • Working with MBIE to see if we can build a small number of rentals to help with their temporary accommodation work

Help and support services

Download these as a factsheet

There are four options for housing support in Kaikoura. Each option covers different people and has a different purpose. We know it’s painful to register more than once but it’s important you make sure you’ve covered all your options.

Ministry of Social Development– Emergency Housing

What is it:  Emergency housing for up to 12 weeks while you find longer term accommodation. If there aren’t any places available with emergency housing providers, you may be able to stay in other temporary accommodation such as a hostel or a motel, for a few days until a longer-term option is available.

Who’s it for: people who urgently need somewhere to stay tonight or in the next seven days

How do you register: call 0800 559 009 or find out more via http://www.housing.msd.govt.nz/housing-options/emergency-housing.html

Housing New Zealand – Social Housing

What is it: housing provided for people who’ve been looking for a place to live, but haven’t been able to find one that meets their needs,

Who’s it for:  NZ citizens who have an income of less than $585.30 a week (after tax) for people who have no partner and no dependent children or less than $900.45 a week (after tax) for people who have a partner and/or dependent children and have less than $42,700 in cash assets.

How do you register: call 0800 559 009 or via  http://www.housing.msd.govt.nz/housing-options/social-housing/who-can-get-social-housing.html

Temporary Accommodation Service (MBIE)

What is it:  Help finding somewhere temporary to live while repairs or rebuilding is completed.

Who’s it for:  This is for renters who are returning to the same house after repairs are complete or owners needing somewhere short term whilst building work is underway. We've got someone local working with MBIE to help as much as they can.

Read the 12 March 2018 housing update here which includes information on the building and renting of houses in the temporary accommodation village.

How do you register: Contact MBIE on 0508 754 163 or online https://temporaryaccommodation.mbie.govt.nz/kaikoura-earthquake/

Register with Council:

What is it: A five minute registration to help Council get an accurate idea of how many people need housing of any kind in our District. We need the numbers to prove housing help is needed and we get a long term solution sorted. Once you’ve registered, we will look at your information and get in touch if we think we can help. Even if you don’t hear from us, your registration helps us in the long term.

Who’s it for:  Anyone with any accommodation needs, permanent or temporary

How do you register: call Arlene on 027 566 3064, visit the team on the first floor of the Civic Building, email arlene@kdc.govt.nz, or online through www.surveymonkey.com/r/KaikouraHousingNeedsWeb

Mythbusting and FAQs

Download these as a factsheet

Why can’t people just build tiny houses? 

As long as you comply with all the rules, you can and we’re happy to help you do it.

Like all other buildings/residences in the Kaikōura District, tiny/mobile homes have to be built in accordance with the rules and regulations in the Kaikoura District Plan or you’ll need a resource consent. Temporary buildings are treated the same as long-term/permanent ones so you’ll also need a building consent.

These rules are there to try to make sure that all building in our District is fair, safe and appropriate.

If you’re thinking about a tiny house, the easiest thing to do is to get in touch with our planning team and have a chat about your individual situation and what you’ll need to do.

Why isn’t council doing anything?

We are. We’re working central government agencies such as MBIE and MSD to try to get more help and more housing. We’re working with NCTIR, local real estate agents and homeowners to make sure all the available houses are being used as fully as possible. And we’re still getting people to register with us so we can connect them to any available help.

Why can’t Council do something about high rental prices?

We have no legal powers to set or control rental prices. Rents are set by landlords, the laws about what they can/can’t do are looked after by MBIE. If you’re not sure what your rights are or you have questions or concerns contact MBIE’s Tenancy Services via 0800 836 262 or https://www.tenancy.govt.nz/rent-bond-and-bills/rent/increasing-rent/

NCTIR village

What is NCTIR doing to help manage the impact on the local housing market?

NCTIR continuously reassess the need for rental houses based on demand.

They have a NCTIR Village first policy. Once the village is full workers who only require short term accommodation (i.e. 2-3 days) are placed in motels or short stay accommodation. Long term workers who cannot fit in the village are placed in rented local houses.

To help reduce rent increases, all NCTIR’s new leases from November 2017 onwards will be offered within the range of reasonable market rates.  The rates were developed from data provided by Ministry of Business and Innovation (MBIE) and market experience and reflect pre-earthquake prices. The aim is to protect the Kaikoura rental market and maximise the value to the tax payers.

Rates include cleaning, weekly linen change, electricity and internet.

Why can’t NCTIR just make the village bigger?

Right now, NCTIR believes it would take too long and be too expensive to make the Village bigger considering the short period of time the project has left. NCTIR will continue to review this option.

What are NCTIR’s plans/needs for housing in 2018?

NCTIR is currently assessing its work plans for 2018. Assessments of accommodation needs will be part of this.

The NCTIR Accommodation Village will be used for at least the next 12 months.

How full is the NCTIR village?

Over the past 4 months the NCTIR village has been largely at capacity.

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Updated 12/03/18